Even if the digitisation of the sector is still in its infancy, it has already gained a partial victory. Architects have moved away from the drawing board to computers in order to create their models. A large number of them also discovered the benefits of 3D modelling for themselves.

3D CAD has revolutionised the construction sector.

Take a look for yourself - with 3D

Plenty of people can tell you about it. We like to turn rhetoric into action. While you can read here about the advantages of BIM, you can also try it out for yourself. In waya by BIMsystems.

waya and 3D: All-round support

Three dimensional models provide the planner with a virtual and precise representation of the planned construction. BIM models offer precision to planners and partners involved in the construction. As BIM is more than the three dimensional representation of objects.

BIM works in modules. As such, objects as a whole can be directly planned and added. Furthermore, the stored information goes much further than just specifying dimensions.

They also provide planners with input on the materials, quality, and additional functions such as fire protection and maintenance intervals.

In the case of changes to the model, these are automatically applied everywhere. Moreover, new information and calculations, which are based on modifications, are copied to the stored lists.

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Do you have questions relating to BIM and waya? Do you long for digitalised processes and successful projects?

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Plan better with our component management system. As it is more cost-effective and resource-friendly. This increases the added value chain of one’s own actions and enables a more sustainable process.

waya brings the project partners together. And it functions in the common CAD programs, as it can be easily integrated as a plugin. We therefore ensure that valuable information is not lost at significant points.

The range and scope of access can also be defined for each individual. In this way, we prevent impermissible changes from being made.

Simultaneous access to the model is possible, as is the exchange of information and communication. This guarantees that all project partners are always kept up-to-date and nobody needs to work with an outdated model.

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Building Information Modelling is the future-oriented planning method for the construction sector - which will make lasting changes to it. We are an innovative pioneer of this planning process with our globally unique corma technology. Together with manufacturers and users, we are working on a digital and efficient future.

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