The fourth dimension is time. As you know, time is an important factor in the planning and implementation of a new build. With BIM, the fourth dimension can also be directly integrated into the model. Your planning will be sustainably improved and more precise.

Time for something new with BIM planning in 4D

Work progressively with waya

Does innovation sound good to you? Find out more here about waya by BIMsystems. Our globally unique database is the best way to implement BIM content. Take a look for yourself.

Go a dimension further: 4D thanks to BIM

Administrative and organisational fields of responsibility benefit most from the four dimensional application of BIM. Each person involved in organisation and management will be able to use BIM effectively.

A key factor in building planning is time - the fourth dimension in the BIM development. This can also be visualised with BIM. For this purpose, upcoming events are illustrated on a timeline.

All members can access and thus work on the central time model. As always, all the important information can be called here, for example scheduling or duration of a certain construction phase.

However, BIM is not just a valuable tool for a new build. Project management continues throughout the entire lifecycle of a building - and in 4D too. All upcoming projects are transparently planned by BIM - and valuable time is therefore saved.

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Do you have questions relating to BIM and waya? Do you long for digitalised processes and successful projects?

The digitisation brings us into a new era

Significant changes needs time and effort. Let us show you how you can use the time factor to simply apply the necessary effort.


Project management plans for time. And it needs time. With BIM you’ll save both. Since the planning method changes your standard working processes. Gain support from waya.

In future, you can create a new transparency for customers and partners and increase your own efficiency. Leaving you more time for other things.

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Building Information Modelling is the future-oriented planning method for the construction sector - which will make lasting changes to it. We are an innovative pioneer of this planning process with our globally unique corma technology. Together with manufacturers and users, we are working on a digital and efficient future.

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