In the fifth dimension, planning is extended by a factor: The costs. This dimension in particular is interesting for project management. But it also helps other project partners to keep track of costs.

5D BIM planning pays off

Perfect in any direction: our BMS

5D is still in the development stage in the BIM development. But will gain significance in the next few years. BIM planning is based on a 3D model for the time being.

Do you already work with a BIM-capable CAD program? Even then we would like to present our component management system - and its unique advantages to you. Click to read more.

5D BIM planning with CAD programs

Models are clearly visualised in CAD programs. But with BIM, things go a step further. BIM extends the three dimensional models to include further dimensions: 4D stands for the time factor which can be visualised, An additional layer is added to 5D: Costs.

Running, upcoming and recently incurred costs can be visualised in the data model. The representation helps you to keep track of costs.

For each project, budgeting is the point where plans stop and fall. The integral BIM planning method ensures precise project management. As all information is centrally converged and intelligently networked with each other, set goals can be maintained more easily. Unexpected costs are also avoided.

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Do you have questions relating to BIM and our component management system? Do you long for digitalised processes and successful projects?

An extensively digital future with BIMsystems

Digitisation, technologisation or digital transformation - what is currently happening in the construction sector has many names. We have broken it down to one word: BMS.

Our component management system can be implemented in the common CAD programs. The plugin ensures a smooth exchange even among different programs.

The information is stored in our central, web-based database. Here, you will find further applications, such as explanatory videos, logics and rules etc. So that projects can run within fixed limits - completely independent of their size or complexity.

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Building Information Modelling is the future-oriented planning method for the construction sector - which will make lasting changes to it. We are an innovative pioneer of this planning process with our globally unique component management system. Together with manufacturers and users, we are working on a digital and efficient future.

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