The term 6D is sometimes interpreted differently. Some consider Facility Management to be the maintenance and servicing of a building, which others already refer to as 7D.

In this case, 6D describes the building management and optimisation with regard to sustainability and disposal.

As always, to establish the terms in the future, waya provides a valuable contribution to both topics.

6D, 7D, what’s next: Flexibly look toward the future with waya.

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waya offers you numerous possible applications and partial solutions. They all have one thing in mind: Simplify and re-structure your processes. Meaning that you can highly anticipate the future of the sector.

True greatness: 6D for Facility Management

The sixth dimension plays into the hands of facility support. It describes management processes which start with the operation of a completed new build.

BIM facilitates the transition from the building site to the used building. Facility Management does not need to wait for the keys to be handed over. Thanks to BIM, you gain early access to the object and the project. A real insight, as to where you can begin to work prior to completion of the property.

BIM also compiles useful information for management purposes and prepares it. In addition to building-relevant information, for example manufacturers, products or qualities, the facility manager will find even more.

As such, contracts and further sensitive data about BIM are stored in a central database. Facility Management not only has access to information on the building and its quality, but also on its use.

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Part of excellent facilities: BIM

Facility Management administers an object. Alongside, servicing, management and maintenance, the defined goals are also the values of the property. This should be ensured and in the best case even increased. This is possible with efficient, BIM-based Facility Management.

Thanks to the BIM, the object management can be made much more precise. Indeed, costs can be permanently reduced for operation and management.

The information stored in the database is always up-to-date. Maintenance work can thus be scheduled more effectively and operational failures prevented as a result.


With intelligent Facility Management through BIM, the value of a building can be increased. Even this is sustainable management.

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