You are well aware of the dilemma: Until now, planning and construction processes have been laborious, time-consuming and costly. Restrictions and outdated structures have not helped matters here. You are already working digitally with CAD programs. You are now able to work more efficiently with BIM.

Architects adore BIM - thanks to BIMsystems

BIM is the future

BIM works in modules. Once set up, the system saves you a great deal of time. As our BIM content is always validated by the manufacturer, rest assured of the highest level of quality. Among other things.

Benefits of BIM for architects

  • Improved overview

  • Save time and money

  • No unnecessary multiple planning

  • Direct contact with manufacturers

  • Simple coordination between all construction partners

  • No information lost on interfaces

BIM solutions for architects

BIM is a model-based planning method which further facilitates working in CAD programs. The parts of a building are divided into modules which you are able to configure and use according to your requirements.

However, BIM is capable of even more: It also provides you with all product information. As such, you can directly schedule specifications for individual building parts, such as fire safety regulations for doors.

Thanks to BIM, you are also able to schedule specifications in a generic and specific manner. And what’s more, this is without any duplicated or triplicated expenditure. You plan directly with specifications, with your products used remaining neutral - as such, you do not encounter any difficulties in the case of public tenders.

Progressive thinking, sustainable actions: Architects are planning with BIM

The digital change in the construction sector has only just begun. Yet you can reap the benefits of this. This has been confirmed by examples in Scandinavian countries. There, the BIM planning method has already been legally prescribed for public service contracts.

At home, this will presumably take a while for this to take place. In spite of this, you can still change your way of thinking today - and learn and benefit from digitisation.

The aims of corma for architects

  • Time savings in planning and accompanying voting

  • Simplified communication with contacts

  • The shift from generic to specific BIM content is virtually effortless

  • Transparent calculation of all factors

  • Parallel working on the model in real time

  • Data exchange without use of IFC

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