As a builder, you tend to have a lot to juggle: Form agreements with architects, fulfil the requirements of authorities and engage with subcontractors. To name but a few.

Building Information Modelling is not just the digital future of the sector - it helps you beyond with the planned construction.

Build your future with BIM

Builders opt for BIM

The BIM planning method helps to create a 3D model of the planned building. BIM content is the digital depiction of individual components. The cloud: BIM content is provided by manufacturers. You are able to plan in a targeted and qualitative manner.

Benefits of BIM for builders

BIM solutions for builders

Two things are important to builders: Keeping track of projects and being able to rely on their partners. BIM is designed with both in mind.

Thanks to BIM, you have access to a central database and are always able to view the latest status. Transparency is a key factor in smooth planning processes. Another is direct communication - which is also ensured by the BMS.

Modelling your building according to BIM results in you being able to define manufacturers and partners at an early point and further develop the project together.

BIM content is provided with the essential information. Here you’ll find data such as the size, fire safety or sound protection parameters, among others. Thanks to the transparency of information, from the offset you have an overview of the manufacturer-specific products and building materials to be subsequently installed.

The digitisation of the sector also affects you as a builder

Organisational processes are perhaps most greatly affected by the digital transformation. These changes are positive. So positive that they have even acquired their own name: Frontloading.

This means that key decisions and planning goals can be preponed. For example, you can decide on a manufacturer prior to the assignment and, in spite of this, present a generic model for a tender. This saves a considerable amount of work at a later point.

Furthermore, digital planning protects against unnoticed errors and undiscovered costs. You will notice them: Meaning you really do maintain an overview.

The aims of corma for builders

  • Planning security through transparency

  • Frontloading of the information process

  • Availability of all information in one central database

  • Direct communication with all project partners

  • Short communication channels within the system

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