Manufacturers and component suppliers now have the opportunity to create a USP with BIM. As in Germany speaking areas, BIM is still in its early stages.

If we take a look at the Scandinavian countries, we can quickly identify a trend for ourselves. There, BIM has already been legally prescribed for public tenders. In Germany this should have taken place for large-scale project in transport and infrastructure by 2020.


In Germany, the public sector is the initiator for the construction sector - private builders and investors increasingly rely on BIM on their own initiative.

Component manufacturers need BIM

Switch over to the component management system now

Admittedly: Change always results in an addition to start with - additional work, additional energy and additional costs. Yet if you look at the result, you’ll see how quickly the initial addition has paid off. As a manufacturer, you provide your product information as BIM content to your target group earlier than was previously possible.

Frequent manufacturer requirements placed on BIM

BIM content in all relevant CAD systems without CAD licences

Creation of fully parameterised native BIM content

Support and collaboration with BIM customers

Quality assurance of BIM content

Internal process optimisation

Central service provider for common BIM portals

Intelligent BIM content for all CAD systems

Networking BIM and PIM

Requirements on BIM for component manufacturers

As a component manufacturer, you need a central location at which you run your data. waya is able to manage this precisely. Your BIM content is individually created based on the type of product information and is compatible thanks to our software solution with common CAD programs.

Do you already digitally store your product information in your own PIM systems? Excellent news. BIMsystems can use the data from your PIM system - as Single Source of Truth.

As such, you keep your product information up-to-date at a central point - from which the BIM content is then generated. This saves your time and increases the quality of your BIM content.

The benefit to you? We manage the product data in a central database. Thanks to the plugin, product data is integrated into the CAD systems as BIM content. From the central database, fully parameterised BIM content is created in the native data formats.


For you, this means that you create BIM content just once - but it can be used across CAD systems. This saves you a lot of additional costs. And makes the switchover to the digital transformation simpler for you.

Simple creation and maintenance of BIM content is important to you. We are aware of this and have developed our corma technology with this in mind. Using the BMS, you can automate the creation of your BIM content and maintain this in our intuitive linya. Connections to existing data sources, such as PIM systems, are a matter of course for us.

This actually means: The data model cannot just be centrally called by you. Your customers too can view the range of your products and information in the form of BIM content within a few clicks. With nende, you also gain important insights into user behaviour - beyond simple download figures - for further processing.

Requirements of component manufacturers on corma

  • Stabilise and increase competitiveness

  • Easier and direct communication with customers and partners

  • Increase sales

  • Simplify BIM processes and drive the digital transformation

  • Avoid unnecessary additional costs and correction loops for BIM content

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Our solutions are not just holistic

Holistic is a key term as we understand a successful project. It starts during the consultation, which accompanies you beyond the release of your BIM content. It is our software solutions, which not only simplify the creation and organisation of your BIM content, but also benefit you in other ways.

With the nende from BIMsystems, familiarise yourself with the user behaviour of your customers. We show you how we can thus develop new strategies for sales and marketing. Furthermore, we have developed qelu which ensures that your BIM content is in perfect condition.

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