Our holistic approach is as follows: Create, maintain, test and internationalise BIM content with minimal effort, while remaining up-to-date and thinking in a customer-oriented manner.

The solution for component manufacturers is called: BIMsystems

Regular customers thanks to BIM

It goes without saying that your customers appreciate you for the quality of your products. With BIMsystems, you gain a further tool for customer retention: Your products are intelligently used as BIM content.

Advantages of BIM with BIMsystems

Solutions from BIMsystems for component manufacturers

BIM planners, architects and others involved in the construction design plans in different CAD systems. Thanks to our BMS, as a manufacturer you gain access to these systems - and predominantly a benefit.

If you provide your product range as BIM content, it can be used by users directly in the model. Indeed, your BIM content is not only digitalised product information - you are able to add product brochures, videos and images to your BIM content.

Your BIM content is more than a digital duplicate of your product. BIM planners are directly supplied with all the relevant product information. Thanks to the high degree of intelligence of the technology, there is also the option of the product configuration - which also automatically generates the BIM content. It reduces your own commitment to gather the required information and thus increases the popularity of your products.

In particular, there is the option for planners to generate manufacturer-specific content from generic BIM content. It functions in a similar way to a product configurator. By continually adding attributes for BIM content, the requirements definition is specified for these. The specification functions as a filter and your matching products are provided to the BIM planner for selection as BIM content.

There is the option of integrating this function of the product configurator on your own company website. Find out about our waya individual and contact us now.

The aims of corma for component manufacturers

  • To satisfy the growing demand for BIM objects at home and abroad

  • Connection of existing internal systems - PIM systems, ERP databases, tools and apps

  • Manageable effort through centrally automated data management for the various CAD programs

  • Proximity to customers through feedback option

  • Usability of feedback results for other portals

  • New sales channel to increase revenue, as products are incorporated into planning projects at an early phase

Our corma technology is the “enabler” for the digital transformation

  • Consultation of manufacturers with a focus on digital transformation based on BIM content

  • Database-supported automation when creating, maintaining and internationalising BIM content.

  • Robot-assisted BIM content tests without special CAD knowledge of the manufacturer

  • Collaboration and consultation between planners and manufacturers in realtime in the CAD system

  • Extensive database-supported analyses & evaluations of user behaviour and feedback not just number of downloads

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Specific solution for manufacturers: waya, linya, qelu and nende.

With waya and additional services, we give you the tools needed to be perfectly equipped to start the digitalised future. Our software offers solutions that are individually tailored to you.


And benefit you in the following ways:

  • Minimal effort to create and maintain BIM content

  • Automated testing without CAD know-how

  • Continuously up-to-date BIM libraries

  • Customer-oriented work, as handling is easy for your users

  • Intelligently networked

  • Networking of existing databases, such as PIM systems, ERP, etc.

According to BIM - Our solutions for general contractors

waya | The BIM system

The system for component management and central BIM solution for Big Open BIM

linya | The maintenance environment

The maintenance environment for BIM content to prepare and manage product data.

qelu | The Testing-Tool

The testing tool for BIM content for maximum quality and functionality

nende | Th Reporting-Tool

The tool for evaluating the use of content by planners and in projects.

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