Component manufacturers, construction chemistry and construction material suppliers, as well as system and module builders are directly affected by the digitisation of the industry and can reap the benefits of it. Those who switch over to BIM in good time, save themselves a great deal of pressure and stress in the long run. As one thing is clear: Those who do not prepare or adjust their products for the digital future, will be forced out of the market in the long term.

Kick off your future as a component manufacturer with BIM.

Digital - and so much more

BIM is more than the digital depiction of your own product range. BIM content includes all the relevant information for the life cycle - and is always up-to-date. Moreover, all data is always available at a central location.

The importance of BIM for component manufacturers

For component manufacturers, construction chemistry and construction material suppliers, as well as system and module builders, BIM means first and foremost that some things will change. The construction sector is one of the last fields that had previously evaded technologisation. However, especially here digital alternatives are opening up completely new potential.

Until now, the planning and construction phase of a building would have resulted in unavoidable duplicated work. For example, in the case of complicated agreements between project partners, among other things. It is not always easy to keep several interest groups on the same page. In particular, at significant interfaces a great deal of information is lost, which results in additional work having to be caught up on.

This is also the case for public tenders: The law stipulates that models are neutrally planned until the order is placed. Only following the tender may the manufacturer-specific products be planned for the construction in line with technical requirements - avoiding a prior competitive edge. However, this shift from neutral to specific BIM content can in the case of doubt result in many days and weeks of research without the digital transformation.

As you can see, a digital solution reveals slumbering potential for all. BIMsytems also opens up new digitisation potential, marketing approaches, sales channels and opportunities to increase sales for component manufacturers.

The following partners already put their trust in BIMsystems

Our partners have decided to revolutionise the construction sector with us.

Requirements on component manufacturers

It’s time to get active. Your customers may already enjoy the benefits of object-based planning method. To remain competitive, you need to switch over. BIMsystems not only offers you the right solutions for this. We also accompany you through the entire process - along with specialist and personal advice.

The aims of corma for component manufacturers

  • Simplify database-oriented creation & maintenance of BIM content which can be used for the product configurators

  • Digitally depict the product catalogue with all product information and early positioning of own products as BIM content

  • Digitisation of specialist knowledge thanks to product & system-based logics & rules

  • Intelligent networking of products from a diverse range of manufacturers through to strategic BIM partnerships

  • Integration of various systems, such as PIM, apps, individual software solutions

  • Direct communication, thanks to collaboration & feedback options via database-oriented exchange

  • Automatic quality assurance tests of BIM content

  • Detailed evaluations & analyses for an in-depth insight into the content use in CAD systems

  • Make companies future-proof, thanks to far-reaching digitisation options for sales, marketing and planner consultation

The solution is called BIMsystems

BIM offers planning security, facilitates agreements for all project partners and designs accurate calculations. Yet there can be more - with BIMsystems.

Each of our four solutions may be of interest to you. Management in linya. Your BIM content and test your products as BIM content in qelu of corma. Consult and collaborate with BIM planners directly by means of waya. Or familiarise yourself with your users and their requirements with nende.

You are well advised with solutions from BIMsystems. Regardless of whether you are just switching over to BIM or want to create quality from your digitisation.

The creation of BIM content is not the end of the digital transformation. It’s just the beginning. Your BIM content is your enabler for your further digitisation with numerous opportunities.

waya as your individual BIM content configurator

Is our waya not sufficient for your requirements? Well there’s more. With the configurator, you can configure your products and directly use them as BIM content - directly on your company website.

Xperience BIM – join in our testing day

Your feedback on our products is important to us. With this in mind, we have set up our test days within the scope of Xperience BIM. Come and join us.

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