Every innovation must remain classic in one area in order to be really good: Consulting. We maintain close, personal contact with our partners. This is what we see ourselves as: partners who work together to advance the digital transformation of your company.

We would be happy to show you how BIM consulting works - and what makes it so successful at BIMsystems. 

BIM consulting - we like it personally

The advantages of intensive consultation

They are obvious: A personal consultation results in individual solutions - perfectly tailored to you. This is a core idea of our approach. Together we do not only develop solutions.


We start with the cause, look at the problem together. We extract your needs. After we have evaluated these two points, we can develop the most individual solutions for you and your BIM content.

Our consulting for BIM? Perfect for your business model!

General contractors, component manufacturers or dealers from the construction industry want to transform themselves digitally. They want to profit from the opportunities that overcome hurdles - for long-term success.


We are experts in the field of the planning method BIM and know how to implement it effectively. Through our diverse projects and partnerships, our experience is of great value to companies.


Because BIMsystems helps you to digitize your business model with individual solution packages. What's more, ideally you can even extend it.


Come to us and make an appointment for a non-binding consultation!

Do you have any questions? Would you like to make an appointment?

Just walk the path of least resistance: Directly via our contact form.

A personal BIM consultant is worth a lot

In the course of a collaboration you get to know each other well and at some point you know what the other person needs. Even before he knows it himself. This is our claim at BIMsystems: That we provide you with solutions before you have to ask. That too is efficiency.

These partners already rely on BIMsystems

Our partners have already decided to revolutionize the construction industry together with us.

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