PIM system - short for Product Information Management System - is basically nothing more than a database. This database is to be understood as a "data hub". It supports the central administration of product-relevant information and its distribution on different channels.

With BIMsystems you dock the creation of your BIM content to your PIM system. This allows you to create your BIM content more efficiently and with high quality and up-to-dateness.

PIM system for optimized BIM use

Product Information Management System in the BIM Process

Structured data preparation in the PIM system takes place under the single sourcing aspect. It enables access to current information - on various channels and in different languages. This reduces the risk of errors in the product data.

Tasks and benefits of PIM systems

The PIM system supports the product-related information exchange process. Its processes can be controlled centrally and standardized by the PIM system. The various functions of the PIM system ensure the quality of the product information.


The data depth within the PIM system is adjusted. This data then serves as the main data source. It can then be accessed over the entire life cycle of the building.


Since current and consistent data are of the highest priority in today's world, a PIM system provides the optimal basis. How can you positively expand this foundation?

PIM and BIM - Together we are strong

We at BIMsystems offer you the possibility to connect your PIM system with waya. Thanks to waya you are able to convert your product data into native BIM content.

Your advantages by linking your PIM system with the technology of BIMsystems

After the successful integration of your PIM data into waya you save time and money. Adapting BIM content individually is tedious and expensive. The integration makes a quick solution possible. Because every adjustment of your product data in the PIM system is also carried out simultaneously in waya - and thus also in your BIM content.


This resolves a previously existing interface between two systems. This leads to fewer transmission errors and more up-to-date information.


And the first prize: your employees don't have to learn anything new. Each of you can update and add further data in the PIM system as usual - and waya adapts the product data in the BIM content.


Depending on the user of the data, the information can be updated at will or not. If the building has already been completed, it is not necessary to update the product data. If, however, it is an object that is only in the planning stage, the updating of the data is of the highest relevance.

BIM Content: PIM System as Single Point of Truth

A Single Point of Truth is created through continuous updating. The system thus becomes a virtual place.


All information is always available at this point:

  • up-to-date

  • constant

  • complete

  • quality-assured


This is of particular interest to potential customers. Furthermore, the information can be used for any kind of communication.

BIM information kit

Would you like a collection of interesting professional articles, infographics and definitions? Then ask for our BIM info kit! It contains a selection of current BIM information from independent sources.

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