BIM content is at home in waya and is created in cooperation with the manufacturer. The advantages? High quality BIM content, which is always up-to-date. Furthermore, the BIM content can be maintained as libraries for the respective CAD systems. As such, you have the best possible performance and BIM content which takes up minimal storage capacity.

BIM content, modules & libraries

The original is always best

Our BIM content is only formed in cooperation with manufacturers. In this way, we ensure that only top-quality objects are created in waya. Moreover, you have our promise: that all BIM content is always up-to-date. That is the quality seal of waya.

BIM content - surprisingly economical

BIM content is more than the digital depiction of a product. Depending on which CAD system you work on, other specifications may be needed.

We create BIM content natively and with product information relevant to the planning. It is available in conventional CAD systems, thanks to the numerical code of our technology.

Furthermore, we have optimised it so that content can be downloaded quickly. BIM content which is as space-saving as possible with the highest level of performance - can always be called centrally.

BIM modules - simply flexible

BIM content is always understood by us as a system. For example, the overall construction door comprises frame, door leaf and closer. All three components are provided in the CAD by different manufacturers - joined by waya into one piece of BIM content.

You can exchange components of your BIM content in waya: Other attributes or even another manufacturer. However, to do so, you do not need to touch the entire object.

This means flexibility: The BIM content is organised in modules for simpler application.

Since in waya, we think in a uniform way. Nevertheless, individual parts can be easily replaced and adjusted - without affecting the entire BIM module.

Thanks to waya, it is even possible to configure BIM content individually. A number of manufacturers already rely on this innovative approach for BIM content preparation.

BIM library - highly organised

What did your previous structure look like? We presume: A local folder structure on your computer, with increasing content which is becoming more confusing. With our BIM libraries, you are always well organised, thanks to intelligent management of the BIM content.

BIM content is bundled and stored centrally at one location. Thanks to the intuitive user interface and several search options, you’ll quickly find what you’re looking for. For example, you can search for BIM content by clustered topics.

As waya is a web-based database, you can access it any time and anywhere. Save a considerable amount of time - with an efficient structure.


From the top: What is BIM?

Building Information Modeling will change how we plan, build and maintain buildings in the long term. Find out what you need to know here.

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Building Information Modelling is the future-oriented planning method for the construction sector - which will make lasting changes to it. We are an innovative pioneer of this planning process with our globally unique BIM solution waya. Together with manufacturers and users, we are working on a digital and efficient future.

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