You are still at the beginning with BIM? Questions about Building Information Modeling are still numerous at the beginning. Here you will find initial answers. Because BIM runs through your entire company, through your corporate strategy and philosophy.

BIMsystems helps you to apply BIM correctly - and to implement it.

BIM introduction: Successful start with BIM

BIM - who doesn't dare, doesn't win

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is the future of the digital construction industry. If you want to use BIM in your company, you have to be prepared for changes.
Every change holds a certain degree of challenge. To minimize these challenges, you should consider the following points.

For a successful implementation, throw your doubts overboard

If you are not convinced yourself, how can you convince an entire company? - Doubts are the enemy of a successful implementation.


The implementation of BIM will have an impact on your business and processes. You should use these changes to your advantage. The important thing is to be open to new ideas and technologies.

If you are not yet familiar with the benefits of BIM, please take a look here.

BIM information kit

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Convince your team of BIM

The first step into the digital future starts with a vision. This vision has its origins in corporate management. The decision is also taken primarily by the decision-makers.


Nevertheless, it is important that the vision also meets with the approval of the employees. Unanimity is the cornerstone for successful implementation and efficient use.


Mission BIM: Form a Special Taskforce

In some companies, a special task force is required for the introduction. This task force ideally consists of employees from all affected departments. Their task is to integrate the planning method. For this purpose, the existing competencies are used and deepened.


The most important thing when selecting the task force: all candidates must consistently stand behind the concept. Team members are also responsible for taking away the doubts and fears of other employees.


BIM at all company levels

If the team is convinced, BIM must be introduced at all levels of the organisation. It does not work to integrate BIM only into individual areas of the company - BIM is cross-level. This requires investment, training and new ways of thinking. The project can only succeed if everyone pulls in the same direction.


What will change?

The implementation of BIM involves a change in the basic structures. The changes in the company are profound and influence all levels.


For this reason, the implementation should cover the following higher-level areas separately:

  • Guidelines and strategies

  • Standards and Processes

  • technologies

Do you need BIM advice?

Do you have questions about BIM and our component management system? Do you also wish for digitized processes and successful projects?

The right tool for the innovative planning method BIM

When selecting the tool, you should involve its user. Above all, note that tools do not work individually for themselves. All tools should be able to form a unit.


Software that maps the entire process is not the rule. The necessary components are usually created individually. In the BIM process, this information is linked together and made accessible to the project partners involved in the construction.


Keep an eye on the process - from and with BIM

BIM changes the approach to projects. It involves new processes in all areas. For the implementation it is important to know the current exchange of information. This knowledge serves to develop all communication interfaces.


BIM will better link these interfaces and facilitate the exchange of information after successful implementation.


Formulate goals for your BIM strategy

As with any new project, the implementation of BIM requires the setting of objectives. Think carefully about what you expect from BIM. Your vision can be far-reaching and ambitious. Once you have successfully formulated your goals, it's time to work out which BIM processes are necessary to achieve them.


Formulate goals correctly:

  • Concretise inspiration and demands

  • Answer the 5 W's (Who? What? Where? When? Why?)

  • set concrete milestones



Define your milestones

Milestones must also be set for the implementation of BIM. Milestones are fixed-time steps. These serve to achieve overriding goals. They represent the course of implementation and at the same time serve as a tool for control.


Milestones should be structured according to the following rules:

  • Clearly defined

  • Generally applicable

  • revolutionary

  • linear

  • Cumulative



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