The exchange and joint work is very important in construction projects. Many BIM-enabled tools allow collaboration only in the same system - closed BIM.


Big open BIM is the vision of BIMsystems. Cross-system collaboration in real time using our BIM solution waya.

Efficient collaboration in the construction process thanks to BIM

Unique collaboration with BIM in waya

When dealing with BIM, one inevitably comes across the word: collaboration. With our globally unique waya, those involved in the construction process are pulling in the same direction.


All for one! BIM planners rely on waya.

Without open collaboration, the following problem arises: the data must be passed on - and that can be cumbersome and idle. But this is not necessarily necessary. waya offers the possibility to work and communicate lossless.


Collaboration is made possible by free export and import of data. Everyone involved in the construction project can access the project data - a uniform model for everyone. The construction participants do not leave their system. Instead, the information is loaded into the familiar system via plugin.


The platform can also be used for communication. This facilitates the exchange between manufacturer and user - and between the various construction actors, such as planners, architects, project managers, etc.. If, for example, an architect needs a product in a different design, all concerned parties can exchange information about the possibilities.

BIM information kit

Would you like a collection of interesting professional articles, infographics and definitions? Then ask for our BIM info kit! It contains a selection of current BIM information from independent sources.

Advantages of BIM Collaboration in waya

  • Far lower error rate

  • Anyone can collaborate on a project - no risk of exclusion due to incompatibility

  • Access to BIM data is possible throughout the entire lifecycle

  • Supports a transparent and open workflow

  • A common language

Information exchange in real-time

To be up-to-date it is important to receive the information at the same time. Through waya we enable data exchange in real time for all participants.


What does that mean for you?

  • Direct access to any change

  • Working together on a model

  • Control of each work step

Do you need BIM consulting?

Do you have questions about BIM and our component management system? Do you also wish for digitized processes and successful projects?

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