BIMsystems' BIM solutions based on corma technology provide you with the tools to work successfully with BIM.


Whether planning with BIM content, centralizing your information, or real-time collaboration - corma technology is the basis for outstanding functions of our BIM solutions.

The BIM solutions from BIMsystems

Benefits of our BIM solutions

  • Central database

  • Web-based access any time and anywhere

  • Intelligent networking of various manufacturers and specialist fields

  • Integration of further systems, such as PIM, apps etc.

  • Available for common CAD systems

  • Interaction and simple communication between all project partners

In line with our BIM solutions

waya | The BIM System

The system for component management and central BIM solution for Big Open BIM

linya | maintenance environment

The maintenance environment for BIM content to prepare and manage product data.

qelu | The Testing-Tool

The testing tool for BIM content for maximum quality and functionality.

nende | The Reporting-Tool

The tool for evaluating the use of content by planners and in projects.

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Diverse areas of application

BIM content

Available in common CAD formats and the cloud - our BIM content is always validated by the manufacturer and is freely available to BIM planners.

BIM modules

We think in a modular and systematic manner, which can be adjusted in an intelligent way. The trend is towards working with systems and modules - moving away from individual components.

BIM libraries

A uniform structure, various requirements and most importantly: all in one location. Structure is vital - and saves you a great deal of time.

A balanced principle: BIMsystems benefits project partners

A step ahead of the times: Trends and developments on all aspects of BIM

Where change is driven, this needs to be implemented on all levels. Nevertheless, the effort will be worth it. The German legislator also agrees and by 2020 BIM will be made a prerequisite - at least for large-scale projects in transport and infrastructure.

There are six levels in the development of BIM use. While the first level is only provided for use of 2D and 3D CAD models, the sixth level is much more comprehensive. It includes a BIM model, in which a collaboration takes place and the geometric and technical product details as well as information on time, costs and sustainability are integrated. From 2022 to 2024, predominantly the third development level of BIM will be achieved. It involves the full cooperation between project partners as well as a central project model.

In Germany, the digital transformation of the construction sector is still in its infancy. However, trends, forecasts or other countries and projects indicate how this can be driven.

The following topics are on our mind

  • How can BIM be used more efficiently?

  • What challenges do general contractors, manufacturers and BIM planners face?

  • How is the construction sector changing due to digitisation?

  • How can BIMsystems support project partners in their BIM projects?

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