A BIM manager combines conventional tasks with an innovative product. They are administrative and extremely organised, helping during projects and companies to use and implement the topic of BIM.

BIM managers need Open BIM: We’ve got this

Kicking off the digital transformation together

BIM managers offer advice and accompany you throughout building projects - real experts with in-depth experience of the BIM planning method. This ensures that builders and owners have a skilled contact by their side - the result of which they can see.

Benefits of BIM for BIM managers

  • Unobstructed information flow

  • Transparency across the entire building project

  • Information headstart by means of frontloading

  • Simplified project management

  • Cost security

  • Higher planning capability

BIM solutions for BIM managers

You are the expert. You are already implementing BIM in a methodical manner. But you are still missing something: The right partner for real Open BIM - without using IFC.

BIMsystems have managed to develop such a tool with the component management system. As the BMS, allows the data model to be called centrally.

Transparency across the entire BIM model can actually be implemented. The data model is transmitted directly to CAD systems by means of a plugin or can be called via the web. Real-time collaboration is therefore actually possible. And therefore Open BIM as well.

Reap the benefits of BMS: Reduce risk factors which jeopardise your building project by means of upstream information.

BIM managers are the link for partners in the building project

Better construction products call for a seamless and coordinated interaction of all project partners. BIM managers are the interface for these partners involved in the design and construction phase.

BIM significantly increases the quality of the cooperation. BIM managers are responsible for the conformance of data as well as centralisation of data. With this in mind, BMS is the perfect partner, as it provides web-based information according to the allocated role. Our motto at BIMsystems is: The right information at the right time in the right location for the right person in the right scope.

In addition to the coordination, coaching and moderation of the project partners, the BIM manager can initiate change management processes. As he/she assumes an important role in the digital transformation.

BIM manager rely on the fact that all those involved in the project work efficiently and are able to work with BIM. BIMsystems provides you with solutions to alleviate your workload and therefore make your projects more efficient.

The aims of  corma  for BIM managers

  • Simple coordination

  • User-friendly interface and intuitive handling

  • Transparent easily traceable processes

  • Creation and maintenance of content with minimal time and effort

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