High transparency. Good communication. Fast exchange of information. Project managers in construction projects have these and other wishes. This becomes reality with the planning method BIM and the use of waya by BIMsystems.


Revolutionize your project management in your BIM planning!

The tool for your BIM project management

BIM project management with waya

Project management exists in all industries. Traditionally, project management is carried out in three steps: project definition, project implementation, project completion. All three steps serve planning and controlling the project correctly.


In traditional object planning, the workload lies in the late planning phases. With BIM, the planning effort is brought forward to the earlier phases. This optimizes the planning process and minimizes existing risks.


Less risks, more fun!

BIM is therefore a tool for successful project management. The planning method enables project teams to plan with great accuracy. Thanks to BIM, critical project parameters can be better controlled - from planning to implementation.


Minimize relevant project risks in your construction process!

BIM information kit

Would you like a collection of interesting professional articles, infographics and definitions? Then ask for our BIM info kit! It contains a selection of current BIM information from independent sources.

That's why you need BIM in project management

  • High data quality can be planned - complete, precise, searchable

  • Effective workflow

  • Clear documentation quality

  • Live access to data

  • High transparency

  • Risk prevention

Project parameters in BIM

Costs, deadlines and quality - all these parameters are decisive for the success of a project. If costs or the agreed deadline are exceeded or the expected quality is not achieved, the project is deemed to fail.


These parameters are defined at the beginning of the project. BIM makes it easier to achieve the previously set goals. The most important thing is to include BIM in the planning from the beginning. To this end, it must be determined at which points BIM creates added value.


The problem of traditional planning is the lack of data exchange. BIM allows information to be shared right from the start. This makes possible inconsistencies visible. The resulting risks are therefore identified and minimized at an early stage.

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