The CAD program is essentially designed for architects. Yet with additional solutions from the provider, other professional groups can also be integrated into projects. waya by BIMsystems also facilitates working with others.

Allplan and BIM - get your hands on the waya plugin

Keeping things on plan

Thanks to modern technology, you can simplify your job and optimise your role. waya also offers you support here. Read how you can save time and money and, in doing so, increase your efficiency and value.

waya by BIMsystems: BIM planning with Allplan

Allplan was originally developed with architects in mind. As the program offers a particularly high level of freedom. With this in mind, users can design their 3D model in a completely individual way. Nevertheless, it also has other core competencies.

Allplan Engineer Building is geared towards the planning of beam and façade structures. It is therefore aimed at structural engineers who can also do the bending schedule and perform volume planning. They can also perform statistical tests, whose results are shared with all project partners.

waya supports the BIM capability of the program. The plugin can be docked onto the CAD software and the content provided by BIMsystems can be easily used in Allplan.

Moreover, the results of the work can be stored in a central database. This means that other project partners also have access to the results. This is fully independent of the software used.

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Independence in the digitalised future

CAD programs have undergone their own evolution. The next significant step in the development is BIM. Numerous programs already offer Building Information Modelling. The greatest benefit of waya by BIMsystems is its independence.

This is because the plugin is compatible with the conventional CAD programs. Since it is used as a central administrative point of a project, all partners have the same access to the data.

This simplifies the collaboration, particularly on large projects with many different teams or on international projects.

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