Revit is multitalented among other CAD programs. It was specially developed for BIM. It already enables the cooperation of several BIM planners.

waya by BIMsystems utilises this strength and extends the BIM capability with additional essential functions.

Revit and waya - BIM from its best side

The sweeping blow with Revit and waya

waya by BIMsystems supports architects during their workflow. Yet it also opens up completely new options in terms of cooperation. As the aim of each project is not only the completion, but also its efficiency.

waya by BIMsystems: BIM planning with Revit

The Goliath is called Revit. But David does not want to fight him, he wants to work with him. And this works. On the one hand, it is a result of the internal options offered by the program. On the other hand, it is the compatibility with waya.

Revit considers all project partners who may be involved in a building project: Architects, engineers, technical building service planners through to facility managers. The software thus increases the quality of communication and coordination. As they are all able to work with the same program.

This also applies for the entire lifecycle. Data and models are not just relevant to the planning and building. They can also be utilised during usage of the building.

To make it even more sustainable, Revit can be used with solutions from BIMsystems. waya also enables integration of other software solutions into a project. As waya is software independent, web-based and offers the central database, it can be implemented in the widest range of CAD programs.

Do you need any advice?

Do you have questions relating to BIM and waya? Do you long for digitalised processes and successful projects?

Opening up all digitisation options with BIMsystems

This is the direction in which it should be developed: Compile all working groups in a project. Intelligent overlaps should be detected here and the resulting potential developed. In this way, the construction sector will be able to work efficiently and sustainably in the future too.

The table on which everyone is gathered is of course a virtual one. BIMsystems offers space, where all threads are combined, to store content and for exchanges to take place between individual partners.

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