Tekla has established itself as a piece of construction software. It is used for steel, metal and plant constructions. You can benefit from BIM too.

Tekla and BIM - powerful with BIM thanks to waya

Designed for more precise work - supported by waya

waya has numerous advantages: Figures, data, facts and information are managed at one central location. A strong base for efficient, sustainable projects without any losses.

waya by BIMsystems: BIM planning with Tekla

Make the future bearable: Tekla is the most common CAD program which primarily supports designers in their work. It ensures a solid and sustainable basis. As only when the basis is right, can you build on it.

waya can also be implemented in Tekla. The software creates and manages constructions which are geometric and highly precise. In this way, the user is free of the material, variables or complexity of the construction.

waya offers even more freedom. As BIM enables the entire cycle to be depicted: from the planning, to completion of parts through to the construction. Furthermore, planners can directly access manufacturer products.

Do you need any advice?

Do you have questions relating to BIM and waya? Do you long for digitalised processes and successful projects?

The framework for a digital development

Moves you into the future: CAD programs which are BIM-capable. The intelligent 3D models visualise plans and enable virtual access. Moreover, BIM feasibility and stress tests can be performed which detect errors at an early stage. Prior to incurring any losses.

BIMsystems forms part of the digitisation of the construction sector. We regard it as our task to simplify switching over, among other things. And to show how digital work can function - and how we can all benefit from it.

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