There are many providers of BIM-capable CAD software on the market. CAD systems offer the necessary technical competence in order to generate a smooth workflow. waya is compatible with the well-known CAD systems which we are presenting to you here.

CAD software is BIM-capable - We are making it intelligent!

The best extension to your CAD software

waya is the ideal partner for use with conventional CAD systems. As waya extends the functions of your CAD system to include many more - so that you are able to actually plan with Open BIM.

A digital interface for increased efficiency

In the meantime, the vast majority of planners and architects now work with a CAD system. The system chosen depends on core strengths as well as personal preference. As the market now offers a diverse range of CAD solutions.

It goes without saying that many of the CAD systems are also BIM-capable. We are presenting the four most commonly known ones here. They all have a different focus, yet have one thing in common: They are compatible with our component management system.

waya operates as a plugin and is therefore compatible with all four CAD systems. This also enables cooperation in different programs without essential information being lost or distorted. Open BIM can thus now be implemented - without using IFC.

And what’s more: waya also makes project-internal communication even easier. The central, web-based database also has the advantage that all project partners are able to access the necessary information at all times.

Building Information Modelling - CAD solutions that support BIM





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