waya by BIMsystems is a web-based application which can be used as a plugin in conventional CAD systems.

Although it sounds long-winded, it actually only means: You need the Internet. And the cloud-based waya by BIMsystems.

Flying high: waya as a cloud

The BIM cloud is available any time and virtually anywhere

Access any time and anywhere: waya is a web-based database. This means you can gain access whenever you want. Completely regardless of your location.

The cost to you: it’s free

Benefits of waya in the cloud

The clear advantage is quickly identified: a cloud enables access to the required data, regardless of the time or place. All that is needed is an Internet connection.

Take a look at the further benefits of a web-based database:

  • The cloud preserves local storage

  • You work with the logical structure of waya - regardless of which device you use

  • Simple sharing of files is possible, regardless of their size

  • Regular saving of your data

  • Thanks to automatic updates, waya is always up-to-date.

Use of the cloud is free for BIM planners - similarly to our entire component management system. Read on to discover the benefits of waya for architects, planners, builders and other partners.

Does it sound progressive?

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About BIMsystems

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