You have to say it like it is: the construction industry still offers considerable potential. In most other areas, digitisation has long since been introduced and is increasingly anchored in everyday working life. Companies benefit from it. The construction industry is struggling. It continues to fight old familiar problems. The reason? Mostly the high complexity!

With our BIM solutions based on corma technology, we provide you with a solution that networks you as a participant in a construction project and allows you to work more efficiently together. And it's simple.

corma technology | The BIM technology for Big Open BIM

The future of the construction industry is called object-based modeling. In short: BIM

Thanks to BIM, component manufacturers can map their BIM content with all relevant product information in CAD systems. But the construction industry plans and builds complex building products. The requirements for BIM and thus for our corma technology are diverse.


For example, when awarding public projects, neutral content is required. This may only be converted to manufacturer-specific content at a later date in order to take product neutrality into account accordingly within the framework of public procurement law. This and other challenges are currently faced by those involved in construction.


No problem for our BIM solutions based on corma technology. We have the solution - or work with you to develop it!

In harmony with BIM - Our solutions from BIMsystems

waya | The BIM System

The system for component management and central BIM solution for Big Open BIM.

linya | The maintenance environment

The maintenance environment for BIM content to prepare and manage product data.

qelu | The Testing-Tool

The testing tool for BIM content for maximum quality and functionality.

nende | The Reporting-Tool

The tool for evaluating the use of content by planners and in projects.

corma | Advantages of BIMsystems' BIM solutions

  • Digitization of product data

  • BIM-enabled product configuration

  • Networking of interfaces in BIM

  • Provision of BIM-Content

  • Central Database for a holistic data model

  • Maximum automation in handling BIM content

  • Changeability of BIM-Content from neutral to manufacturer-specific

  • Free export & import of data

  • Mapping of different data models

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corma | Our BIM solution is still unique

Gradually, the benefits of digitisation are penetrating all areas. There are some trends on the subject, but our component management system is very different from others.

The innovative approach can be found in the process which is simplified for everyone. Architects, planners, general contractors - they all work together on a central data model. This facilitates communication between them. It also prevents the loss of information, time, energy and monetary resources.


BIMsystems stands for a holistic approach. We plan over the entire life cycle of a property. We support all parties involved in the planning process. And we offer comprehensive solutions for all phases.

General contractor and planner benefits

  • CAD-system independent data exchange (Open-BIM) without the need for IFC

  • Real-time collaboration in the central data model

  • CAD-system-independent intelligence

  • Central provision of all relevant object properties

  • Access to neutral & manufacturer-specific BIM-Content

  • Role- related access rights

  • Interaction between all parties involved in construction

  • Share and manage neutral BIM-Content with planners and partners

  • Edit, homogenize, manage, update, categorize, configure and internationalize neutral BIM libraries

  • Mapping of attributes of neutral BIM-Content of other planners and partners

Manufacturer's benefit

  • Database-based creation & maintenance of BIM-Content that can be used for product configurators

  • Real-time content creation on demand

  • Product- & system-based logics & rules

  • Intelligent networking of products from various manufacturers up to strategic BIM partnerships

  • Integration of different systems like PIM, Apps, individual software solutions

  • Collaboration & feedback possibilities thanks to database-based exchange

  • Automated tests for quality assurance of BIM-Content

  • Detailed evaluations & analyses for deep insight into the content usage in the CAD systems

  • Extensive possibilities for digitization for sales, marketing and planning consulting

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Enjoy our excellent BIM solutions!

BIMsystems' corma technology is unique in the world - and has received numerous awards for it. See for yourself!

  • 1st place in the category "Built World" | "Construction" in 2019

  • Top 10 at the "German PropTech Innovation Award 2018"

  • Winner of the election IREBS Entrepreneur of the Year 2018

  • Top 25 of the most innovative start-ups in the construction industry in Europe 2017

Different solutions with BIM are required for different product areas

BIMsystems GmbH creates user-oriented BIM content from components and products with a density of information not yet available. Planners can download this content via their own channels. Thus component manufacturers reach their customers flexibly, directly and completely individually. Additional advantage: Your BIM content can also be made available for publication on other platforms.


Using BIM solutions based on corma technology, the various BIM contents first develop their intelligence and high performance to their full extent. The contents can not only be attributed in more detail. The entire BIM model can be exchanged in a user-friendly manner between the parties involved in the construction project in real time according to OPEN-BIM. They can be enriched with information along the planning progress and passed on to construction parties. "OPEN-BIM" becomes possible - without the need for IFC.


In addition, the BIM contents are integrated into a logic and control system. This offers previously unused functions - such as the digitalization of the expertise of your employees and colleagues. And thus increases the added value of the BIM content for the users many times over.

The various planners have the possibility to access our waya directly from their CAD systems via plug-ins. Consequently, they do not have to leave their familiar environment. A real-time collaboration without compromises becomes reality.

Die corma technology as software solution is...

  • Setting the course for digital transformation

  • Integral component of the planning method BIM

  • The technological heart of the CAD-System-spanning networking towards the central data model

  • BIM capable configurator for products, systems and modules

A balanced principle: BIMsystems benefits all project participants

These partners already rely on BIMsystems

Our partners have decided - to revolutionize the construction industry together with us. 

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