Specialist planners take care of a partial area in building planning. To ensure that the entire building functions, special areas also need to be implemented by experts. BIM assists you here.

BIM for specialist planners is much more than the sum of its parts

Technically precise planning

Your partial area is clearly defined, your method does however require the direct exchange with everyone and a full insight into all matters. BIM supports all partners involved in a project during organisation, planning and communication.

Benefits of BIM for specialist planners

  • Open communication

  • Overview of all project partners

  • Short project runtime

  • Increased efficiency

  • Increased planning quality

  • Data available beyond the project

BIM solutions for specialist planners

You may perhaps not realise this at first - but BIM makes your work easier. Since with the database planning method, you keep track of your area, the entire project and all contacts.

Thanks to BIM, even during the planning phase real conditions can be handled. As such, specific products can be planned in the building model. All necessary information for this is stored in BIM content.

This means that you can intervene at an earlier stage. Your application and your decisions can be made at an earlier point in time. Of course, this is initially more work for you.

However, it means that errors are avoided in this way. As you are also involved in the planning to begin with, you are in close cooperation with the architect. Moreover, you can complete projects more efficiently and even faster thanks to the BIM method. And gets you ready for the next building.

Become part of the future with corma

BIM is regarded as the pioneer for integral planning. In this way, it can help specialist planners to coordinate with each other. It offers deadline assurance and cost security. And simplifies interaction between all project partners.

The construction sector is one of the last highly traditional sectors. This costs time, resources and energy. With digital solutions, you give your work a new quality. And help to shape the digital transformation of the entire sector.

The aims of corma for specialist planners

  • Clear representation of object lists

  • Quantity determination and surveying

  • Data exchange in realtime

  • Easier agreements with architects without loss of information

  • Plans can be easily modified

  • More efficient project processing

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