In fact, things only get going once the building is complete. The service life extends much further beyond the building phase. And even during this time, the building needs to be optimally supplied and managed. That’s with the BIM.

Maintain your building with BIM

The component management system: Like the back of your hand.

Nobody knows your building better than you. You gain an overview of the current property status, are aware of rentals, deficiencies and maintenance processes. Save all this information in one location with BIM.

Benefits of BIM for facility managers

  • Planning prior to the building’s completion

  • Planning processes, e.g. collision monitoring

  • Central data management

  • Precise cost calculations

  • Reduced risks

  • Increased transparency

BIM solutions for facility managers

With BIM, you are there from the word go. Even building management can be integrated into the project at an early stage with the planning method. As such, facility management does not need to wait until the building is finished and starts from the offset. BIM enables a smooth transition from the building phase to commissioning of the property.

Management offices often already work with CAFM systems. These can be integrated into the BIM. Similarly, other internal systems can be connected to the BIM. Existing data records do not get lost nor do they need to be manually re-entered.

You can easily copy these and add new data and processes. BIM becomes your digital memory and allows you to track what was done to the building at any time.

Thanks to the central availability of data, you also know where you need to search for it. This is important, for example, in the handover of a building and saves valuable time.

The pathway to digital transformation for facility managers

The future is based on a holistic approach. Instead of having working areas in their own right, the promising model is based on the flowing transition.

Thanks to the BIM, the first problem which previously stood in the way, has now been eradicated: Interfaces and primarily information lost on them.

All partners have access to the digital model for all life phases of a property, in which all data and information are stored. This does not just relieve communication between partners involved in the project. Pending measures can also be detected at an early stage.

With BIM, the building management increases its efficiency, safety and the appreciation of its work.

The aims of corma for facility managers

  • Product lists with manufacturer information

  • Integration of existing systems is also possible

  • No data loss

  • Simple communication

  • Barrier-free commissioning of the building

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