The general contractor is comparable with our BIM solution. As here all the information is converged. Moreover, they are the direct contact for all partners involved in the project: the builders, architects and the subcontractors commissioned by them. They bear responsibility for the entire project.

BIM requirements: The general contractor is where the project all comes together

Improved coordination thanks to waya

As a general contractor, you often represent several sites at the same time. It is therefore your task to keep track of the sites. Your work is simplified with the intelligent BIM solution waya.

Frequent requirements of general contractors placed on BIM

Requirements on BIM for general contractors

The BIM planning method is a great help for general contractors. This is because it simplifies your day-to-day work in many areas. This applies both to the planning of a new building and maintenance or demolition.

Thanks to waya, you can bring all construction partners together. Information can be exchanged in waya in real time - and that’s across CAD systems. As such, you considerably increase the efficiency of your building planning.

Thanks to increased exchanges of information and communication among the project partners, problems and risk factors are detected at an earlier stage. And eliminate them earlier. This decreases the risk and therefore time and money.

Moreover, the BIM content is directly integrated from waya into the BIM model. As a general contractor, you are able to network individual content with general manufacturer content. Requests to manufacturers are just a click away. This saves you time and helps you to gather precise price information in no time at all.

Requirements of general contractors placed on BIM

  • Transparent, traceable model with Open BIM

  • Improved organisation and more efficient project management

  • Scaling of processes and sequences for optimised planning sequences

  • Depiction of construction products in central databases

  • Networking of individual content with general content

  • Centralised knowledge

  • Reduction of risks

  • Direct cost analysis and overview

  • Development of new business models

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Precisely tailored: Solutions for general contractors from BIMsystems

Organisation and planning are certainly the product of work by hand. Yet with the technologisation of the construction sector, the working processes of general contractors are also changing. Processes become more flexible, faster and more precise - this is easier to depict digitally. You benefit from BIM.

BIMsystems in essence offers several solutions. Each of which supports you in different ways as well as in different project phases.

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