General contractors benefit from the services of BIM in general and from BIMsystems in particular. While the BIM planning method is still revolutionising the construction sector, we show you how you can specifically benefit. With solutions from BIMsystems.

Quickly solved - with BIMsystems

Benefit from the leading innovator - BIMsystems

BIM is not just digitising the construction sector. A change of perspective is taking place: Instead of facing problems, we are working in a solution-oriented manner. We’ll show you here what these solutions look like.

Advantages of BIM with BIMsystems

Improved planning depth

Central database

High level of transparency

Process modelling and scaling of knowledge

No information is lost

Real Open BIM

Incorporation of all project partners

Connection of databases

Our component management system at a glance

BIM for general contractors

Thanks to BIM, you and all your project partners can make many decisions at the start of the project phase. So-called frontloading provides you with planning and cost security.

As in addition to the 3D representation of the building, the database model provides all relevant information in realtime from the offset.

For example, the BIM content used or details are already defined. While the architect adds the finishing touches, you can already be commissioning your first subcontractor.

Targeted planning means more efficiency and work quality for you. Thanks to BIM, you’ll save time and money - and increase the added value of your work.

Transparently plan with BIMsystems in real Open BIM

Do you accompany a property in each life phase? Good, we’re by your side. Our software solutions support you both during the planning and building process.

waya offers you support regardless of the CAD system used, along the entire added value chain of a building product. You can add and remove project partners from the various phases in waya. There is not an excess of information. Instead you bundle the required information exactly to the person who needs it - with role-based access rights.

The central data model does not require an IFC exchange format. You collaborate in realtime with colleagues and project partners. The BIM content properties and further relevant project information are provided centrally in the data model. Information is bundled in such a way throughout all phases of the added value chain.


We offer individual solutions for each requirement to apply where they generate the greatest benefit.

According to BIM - Our solutions for general contractors

waya | The BIM system

The BIM solution and central BIM solution for Big Open BIM

linya | The maintenance environment

The maintenance environment for BIM content to prepare and manage product data.

qelu | The Testing-Tool

The testing tool for BIM content for maximum quality and functionality.

nende | The Reporting-Tool

The tool for evaluating the use of content by planners and in projects.

The aims of waya for general contractors

  • Simple and holistic building project overview

  • Central availability of data, can be called via the web

  • Faultless communication with subcontractors and project partners

  • Transparency of processes and communication in the data model

  • Increase in planning and process quality

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