It is not enough to keep your eyes peeled on just one project. Those who wish to keep pace with their industry, need to also stay abreast of matters here. Especially as the construction sector is developing towards digitisation. Even the term “BIM” is not new here.

Keep everything under control as a general contractor - with the waya

A good long-term investment

Nonetheless, the digital transformation drags on. BIM proves advantageous here - in fact, for everyone. It makes companies not only competitive in the long term, it also secures the time and money you have invested.

Significance of BIM for general contractors

BIM is the future. The planning method is revolutionising the sector and is guiding it towards a new, technological era. General contractors in particular can benefit from this.

In particular, as they operate for and coordinate all partners involved in the planning and building phases. Particularly for general contractors, our waya is a support tool, as you can exchange and share data in real time with your partners and subcontractors without any complications.

Furthermore, everyone has access to the plans which facilitates inspection of documents and agreements. BIMsystems thus simplifies BIM processes and project procedures on several levels. And that’s not just during new builds.

BIM provides a method which you can also utilise during building use in a profitable and resource-preserving manner. In doing so, you connect project planners with facility management, while reducing risk factors and increasing your project quality.

The following partners already put their trust in BIMsystems

Our partners have decided to revolutionise the construction sector with us.

Challenges for general contractors

Changes are always time-consuming. To launch a new feature during running operation, as well as test it and provide training on it - this all needs manpower, extra time and motivation. Nevertheless, the efforts pay off in no time at all. As with BIM, you gain a planning method which you are able to use efficiently in all phases of a building.

BIMsystems supports you in this way - and simplifies processes for you. Because we understand you. Our corma technology was developed with you in mind.

The aims of corma for general contractors

  • Improvement to data & planning quality

  • Optimisation of operating processes through networking all construction partners

  • Reduction in error sources through integral, structured data model

  • Assurance of cost certainty

  • New product-based services

  • Improved & direct contact with decision makers through real-time collaboration

  • Transparent representation & comparability of product USPs

Solution for general contractors from BIMsystems

As always, matters need to be balanced in order to be successful. So if the added value of your work is increased on the one hand, something needs to be decreased on the other hand. Risk factors, for instance.

BIMsystems offers the perfect solution for you. Our waya combines planning, project management, calculation and implementation, and brings together all project partners at a virtual table, for example, by means of CAD-independent intelligence.

In doing so, you improve measurable factors, such as costs or runtime. And, what’s more, you’ll experience non-measurable improvements, such as better workflow in your BIM project.

waya Individual

Is our waya not sufficient for your requirements? Well there’s more. Our waya individual enables you to use our service in your CI in a customised manner.

Xperience BIM – join in our testing day

Your feedback on our products is important to us. With this in mind, we have set up our test days within the scope of Xperience BIM. Come and join us.

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