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How are these values achieved at BIMsystems in an experienced company culture? Read in our news how successful projects are formed based on figures and innovative approaches based on facts.

Reasons why an investment is worthwhile

Large building projects often fail - 90% of large building projects exceed time and cost planning. On average, the planned costs of a building project are even exceeded by 50%.

BIM should counteract this and decrease the risk. Nevertheless, the construction sector faces major hurdles. Different CAD systems are in use, the digitisation has partially initiated a defensive attitude - as it is associated with additional costs instead of savings.

BIMsystems aligns itself here exactly to the needs of the project partners. With the technology of the component management system, standards of the functional software development are transferred. Moreover, automated robot tests support the quality assurance of BIM projects.

The BMS with plug-ins and the maintenance environment functions as a “virtual factory” for BIM content creation. BIM content can be intuitively created, maintained and extended within the maintenance environment. The testing tool also supports automatic quality assurance for high-quality, intelligent BIM content.

We do not use the IFC exchange format. This provides us with flexibility. Thanks to the bidirectional networking in the CAD system via plug-ins, real data is recorded. As such, the information is intelligently networked, and can be centrally called and securely stored.

General contractors and component manufacturers have recognised this potential for themselves and the sector. They use BMS as the basic tool to standardise processes - and ensure the digital transformation of their company.

Dipl.-Ing. Olaf Demuth, CEO at Zech Group GmbH

Thanks to its technological options & functions, BMS assumes a central role in future building projects. Since its aim is the depiction of a building product in a central database. In our company, access to manufacturer information is also controlled via the BMS.

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T +49 711 400 460 00
F +49 711 400 460 59

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