A Love Story | The Construction Industry's Declaration of Love to BIM

With the construction industry and digitalisation it is like love - not always easy. However, once you have overcome all the turbulence and disagreements, it is ultimately enriching for everyone involved. The perfect happy end.

Love at first sight – not

This love story begins with a kind of resistance, as it is known from the Gallic and the Romans. The construction industry is one of the few industries that have not yet managed to get 100% involved in digitalization.

When the construction industry first came into contact with Building Information Modeling (BIM for short), they did not want to accept the possibilities that BIM brought with it. The construction industry was very sceptical about both BIM and digitization in general - high costs, the underlying fear of losing jobs and the possible misuse of data are at the top of the list. Add to this the changes that digitization and BIM are bringing about.

Change does good

The fear of change characterised the construction industry for a long time, but a potential for change was slowly being recognised. And so the construction industry embraced the first approaches with digitalisation.

After the two of them got closer, digitization gradually crept into the heart of the construction industry - just as it had done in the other industries before. The changes caused by this small flame became more and more noticeable. A fire of love and the need for a common and digital future developed.

BIM brings a breath of fresh air to the industry

While the construction industry was rather stagnant before the relationship with BIM and digitalization, it is now on the up and it is beginning to blossom.

This upswing is mainly due to the many advantages that BIM brings to the construction industry. Those who engage in a relationship with the planning method benefit from faster adaptations of existing plans and faster product completion. In addition, BIM reduces emerging sources of error, thereby saving time and money.

In addition, BIM offers what we all hope for from a relationship: transparency. We want to know our partner and trust them blindly. Thanks to BIM, transparency in projects is better than ever before - we know every step, every change and have all the information we need to master joint projects perfectly.

BIM + construction industry = inseparable

Once you have tasted the advantages of the planning method, you never want to part with it again. This is the reason why BIM has become the number one trend in the construction industry and why digitalisation has slowly fought its way through the walls of Gaul and right into the heart of the construction industry.

Take the first step and become a part of this love story.

Happy Valentine's Day, BIMsystems wishes you!

Sissi Scarlett Bildhoff ist Marketing Assistant at BIMsystems


Sissi Scarlett Bildhoff

Marketing Assistant at BIMsystems

Sissi provides support in marketing and content creation. She writes and edits texts, researches new information, creates infographics and communication concepts.

Operationally, she oversees the editing of our online channels and is always bringing in new ideas.

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