BIM in 2019: What has already happened?

Implementing construction projects with BIM - Building Information Modeling - is the goal of many construction players in Germany. Those responsible are now adapting their estimated business and project processes. The BIM-Monitor 2019 of BauInfoConsult GmbH provides a mirror for the construction industry: How far have we come with BIM? To what extent is BIM used for planning? Have the foundations already been laid?

Less than one third of medium-sized and large enterprises use the BIM methodology in 2019. That doesn't sound much? Perhaps, but it is a first step. And the forecasts show strong growth. Users who are already using BIM are already using it in many different ways. Whether 3D visualization, execution, design or technical planning as well as collision checking - BIM helps those involved in construction with its holistic approach in many disciplines. This is why many of those involved in construction also benefit from BIM.

But users also see weaknesses in the use of BIM: the system landscape is incompatible and competes in its application and exchange formats. This is frustrating, understandably. That's why the mentality for BIM is still lacking in many building minds, as the technology still seems too immature. This is also the reason why many of the respondents do not feel sufficiently prepared for the BIM obligation in infrastructure construction.

In spite of the existing weaknesses, the potential of the BIM methodology is strong - as construction participants, experts and providers of software, exchange formats, etc. know. This is why those involved are working together with associations, consultants and organizations on the continuous optimization and applicability of BIM. The developments speak for themselves: BIM is establishing itself more and more in the construction industry.

BIM | Status Quo in 2019

Marcel Volm | Senior Marketing Manager at BIMsystems


Marcel Volm

Senior Marketing Manager at BIMsystems

Marcel is BIMsystems' contact person for marketing and communication. He opens our doors. Customers, partners and interested parties receive exciting content and personal impressions. Translating technical jargon is his daily bread - so that people out there understand us.

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