BIMsystems: New company name, new CI, new website - but still us

We have something written on our flag: Disrupt the Disrupters. With this in mind, we are starting the new year. And into a new section - because we are now BIMsystems.

Disrupt the Disrupters - what were we thinking? Not only is it the concept of a modern marketing strategy. It is also what we stand for. And how did that come about? A small leap into the past. Of course, we were again represented with a stand at BIM WORLD 2018. Our CEO Gregor Müller took the podium to bring our products and technology even closer to visitors and industry partners.

His lecture ended with words from the audience. "You are disrupting the disrupters!" Sounds rough, but it's the biggest compliment we can get. Because when an entire industry is in a state of upheaval and wants to push ahead with change, familiar structures are broken up. They are filled with new technologies, new ideas and new perspectives. Everything new and everything innovative. And then we come. With our BMS technology, we are putting a truly disruptive crown on the innovation movement.

But we didn't want to rest on such successful feedback. Instead, we brought movement into ourselves. Because BIMsystems has become clear: not only our products change something. We have also changed - the fine-tuning has brought out our true radiance.

Innovation as a disruptive factor

From BIMwelt GmbH, BIMwelt Systems GmbH was founded in 2015. In the meantime we have picked up speed and big partners from the industry trust us. BIMsystems has found its own niche in the BIM cosmos, deepened its competences and sharpened its service portfolio. And what happens if there are serious changes? You cut your hair. We turn BIMwelt Systems into BIMsystems. And while you're at it: New corporate design and a new website.

The first thing you notice is that we have become a few tones darker in colour. Every delicate plant starts out in an equally delicate green. But over time you grow and thrive - you become stronger. And more powerful, that's why it can also become stronger in colour. And let's be honest: It dresses us well, our green.

We are very happy to show our partners and friends our new home in virtual space. And of course we hope that they like it as much as we do. We want to use this platform to share information, tell stories and communicate one thing: We are there.

True greatness grows from within

We grew up. This does not only mean our team, which is constantly growing and is always attended by new and talented employees. We mean ourselves as a company, as players on an exciting stage and as representatives of our niche. We also express this change with our CI. Because BIMsystems definitely has an identity.

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