No construction stop thanks to BIM

With BIM and digitization through the corona crisis

The Corona virus currently has the world firmly in its grip. Germany is also severely affected. We have long been aware that the virus not only affects the health situation of the population. The economy is suffering under the influence of Corona. It is not yet possible to predict which economic sectors are or will be affected more and which less. What is certain is that we must stick together in such times and find solutions as quickly as possible.

Home office is working now! Is this the starting signal for digitization?

The current crisis is forcing us into unfamiliar situations and digitalisation is more present than ever. Universities and colleges are switching to online lectures. Companies are forced to switch to home offices, even though they have not been designed for them or have closed themselves off from them until now. But responsible behaviour to protect employees is the primary goal! And so the concept of the home office is now finding its way into Germany and poses new challenges for society and especially for latecomers.

Telecommunications is the keyword. Whether Skype, Microsoft teams or other tools - these programs enable us to cooperate and coordinate in our daily work. If it is then still possible to access the required data in the cloud or on the company server via the Internet from home, many companies can continue their business in an unusual way. The keyword "continue" plays a major role here. Because stopping the economy is neither possible nor sustainable. During and above all after the crisis, things should continue and Germany is working on this every day from the quarantine.

Despite current uncertainties and emerging challenges, it is important to remain calm and to work out ways of coping well with such phases. It is therefore rumoured from various quarters that this crisis will be the official start of the digital future in Germany! In a difficult situation, people are getting creative - this holds opportunities for the brewing industry and the entire economy!

The COVID-19 pandemic vs. the construction industry

The construction industry is also threatened by the corona crisis. How severely it is affected by the virus cannot yet be foreseen, but early reaction can prevent greater damage. As some construction sites and also most offices are closed due to the safety of personnel, some projects are already falling by the wayside.

But a complete project stop is not necessary! Especially construction projects that are not yet implemented and are currently in the planning phase need to be pursued further - from home! The construction industry should use this crisis positively for itself in order to further promote digitalisation in its own company. One way to continue despite the crisis, the ban or risk of personal meetings and possible construction stops is the planning method Building Information Modeling (short: BIM).

BIM is applicable in the home office

BIM offers advantages and solutions that allow you to continue working on your projects from home. Thus, planners and construction parties can use BIM to further plan a building completely digitally. And this without personal contact to colleagues and partners. Thanks to real-time collaboration and a database-based model, anyone who is connected to the Internet and is involved in the project can access the model. Models can be continued, further planned and even optimized with feedback from the participants.

Component manufacturers can also advance in digitization and support the BIM planning of users. How? Create and deliver BIM content. While many manufacturers are currently experiencing difficulties in achieving full production due to COVID-19, they can now create and deliver BIM content. However, manufacturers are helping to ensure that their products are planned into building models during the planning stage.

To do this, they must offer the right service. The right BIM service is the delivery of high-quality BIM content of their products, as well as the associated information. In addition, manufacturers can ideally advise planners and construction parties regarding their BIM content and jointly develop special solutions from their home office.

BIMsystems offers the required flexibility

This possibility of contactless exchange also facilitates sales between manufacturer and planner. For example, our BIM solution waya offers the possibility to digitalize the sales process. Planners can contact the manufacturer online, get advice and find information about the product in the database-based SaaS solution waya.

Once planners have found the desired products as BIM content or are configured in waya directly according to their requirements, they can integrate it into their CAD systems. As waya is web-based, this process can easily be carried out in the home office.

So what happens next?

The construction industry must not let itself be beaten. Even if the current situation is difficult to understand and we do not know what else is in store for us. But one thing is certain: we must make the best of the situation! Because anyone who stagnates now and does not see this crisis as an opportunity to adapt or develop further could lose touch in the long term.

Despite the corona crisis, we at BIMsystems continue to be there for you and will gladly support you digitally with your questions about BIM and our BIM solutions.

Stay healthy and try to make the best of the situation!

Sissi Scarlett Bildhoff is Marketing Assistant at BIMsystems


Sissi Scarlett Bildhoff

Marketing Assistant at BIMsystems

Sissi provides support in marketing and content creation. She writes and edits texts, researches new information, creates infographics and communication concepts.

Operationally, she oversees the editing of our online channels and is always bringing in new ideas.

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