Review of ISH 2019 | BIM becomes more important and more important!

ISH 2019 is over. What stays are great contacts, good discussions, interesting insights and new approaches to reflection. BIMsystems once again demonstrated the enormous role that the component management system plays in the BIM context. And from which significant advantages general contractors, manufacturers, planners, architects and others profit.

The most important finding of ISH 2019 in advance: Companies in the construction industry are unsure about BIM. The first steps have been taken. However, offers of new technologies, systems and tools are unsettling decision-makers in retrospect. This brings about change through digitalization. We understand that.

But there is hope. Disrupt the Disrupters! This was the motto of this year's ISH exhibition for BIMsystems. Under this motto we demonstrated the advantages of the BMS - the sustainability for BIM processes. And we showed why it is worthwhile to rely on a future-oriented and stable technology.

BIMsystems' unique technology is based on alphanumeric coding. And thus the renunciation of IFC and other exchange formats. The BIM model is centrally stored in a database - with access via plugin to the CAD systems and the web browser.

This is why our technology is particularly interesting for general contractors, manufacturers and planners:

  • Less manufacturer effort: BIM content is prepared once for the BMS for the current CAD systems - instead of for each CAD system. In addition, internal company databases, such as PIM systems, can be linked and BIM content automatically generated.

  • Less planner effort: By adding attributes to the generic BIM content during the process, specific manufacturer BIM content can then be filtered according to these requirements and loaded directly into the BIM model via the plug-in.

  • Greater collaboration: Without the use of IFC, real-time collaboration can take place between the various construction actors and manufacturers advise planners directly via the BMS.

  • More information: In addition to geometric data, additional important information is linked to BIM content without clustering the BIM model in storage capacity - for specific and generic BIM content.

Time and cost savings are advantages that most building contractors do not expect behind BIM. But with BIMsystems it becomes possible!

ISH visitors go home with many new impressions about BIM, component management systems and BIMsystems. If you would also like to call up the info package with current screencasts, DEMO videos and infographics, request it here.

We would like to thank all the great and interested visitors - and are already looking forward to further events such as the polis Convention and BIM World 2019 this year!

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