Schörghuber supports architects and provides first BIM data thanks to BIMsystems

With BIM (Building Information Modeling), building projects can be digitized and important information on planning, execution and infrastructure can be mapped in a digital model. For this to work in practice, BIM-compliant data is required as a source of information. Schörghuber is also providing the first BIM data for door elements in order to support architects in the digital planning of objects and further advance the digitalisation of the building industry. Schörghuber relies on the component management system from BIMsystems.

When planning with BIM, entire construction projects are mapped in a digital model. This model contains all relevant information for planning, execution and management. This promises, among other things, efficient planning, access to always up-to-date information, a direct exchange with all parties involved in the construction and early detection of planning errors.

In order to support architects in planning with BIM, Schörghuber provides the first BIM data for doors. These can be accessed via the architects' portal on the manufacturer's website and can initially be used with Archicad (source: Schörghuber).

Decisive for the use of this planning method is the information basis and thus in particular the data made available to industry by manufacturers. Schörghuber, as one of the leading door manufacturers, is now providing the first BIM data to advance planning with BIM and support architects in this process. Using the BIMsystems BMS plug-in, the BIM data can be configured and used as BIM content directly in the CAD system.

Single-leaf door elements from the manufacturer with a door leaf thickness of 50 mm will be launched. These can be individually configured according to requirements so that architects and planners can choose between different door leaf designs, frame variants, functions such as fire, smoke and noise protection as well as optional additional equipment.

(source: Schörghuber)

This gives Schörghuber partners a three-dimensional image of the doors, which includes all important product information such as equipment and dimensions. In the future, BIM data will also be made available for other Schörghuber door and frame solutions.

The manufacturer's BIM data can be accessed via the architects' portal on the Schörghuber website and can initially be used with Archicad.

More information about the BIMsystems component management system can be found here.

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