What advantages does BIM offer for...? This time for the facility manager

Today, there is hardly any player in the building industry that can avoid digitalisation. Far-reaching opportunities arise for the entire construction industry and its project participants. The software-supported planning method Building Information Modeling (BIM) is one of the most important drivers for digital change. BIM shows all processes of planning, execution and management of buildings transparently over the entire life cycle of a building. It digitally models, combines and records all relevant building data. The construction project digitally visualized in the computer model enables planners, architects, project developers, general contractors, component manufacturers or facility managers to plan and build more transparently.

BIM - Three letters with great effect for facility management

Facility managers often lack insight into the condition of a property - its defects, maintenance work and knowledge about rentals. BIM provides all this information in one place. And not only that, with BIM, facility managers are integrated early on in the planning phase.

Thanks to BIM, a building is first constructed virtually, then physically. The actual construction only begins when the virtual building meets all expectations and specifications. During the operating phase, BIM ensures that the building continuously adapts to current requirements and thus remains efficient. BIM creates interfaces as well as a smooth transition within the work processes and counteracts information loss. Through the continuous exchange of information and data, the aim of BIM for facility managers is to optimize the commissioning and maintenance of buildings.

Facility Management (FM) is directly integrated into the planning process. Through the three-dimensional representation of building plans, you gain a transparent insight into, for example, technical facilities or the current building equipment. All those involved in the project have access to the digital 3D model, which also contains all data, BIM objects, their rules and attributes, throughout the entire value creation process of a property. This facilitates the exchange and collaboration between the players throughout the entire life cycle and allows early identification of upcoming measures.

BIM digitizes the entire FM with digital data standards. In doing so, well-known systems such as the CAFM system and their data sets can be integrated into BIM automatically and without loss. This automation of processes and the central availability of data provides FM with traceable access to all planning processes. In this way, the BIM methodology and its modeling levels increase the added value for construction planning and execution many times over compared to conventional 3D planning. This is because important planning processes such as collision analysis are hardly feasible without visual 3D representation. Also the possibility to move within the 3D model (virtual reality) is helpful to get a realistic idea of the finished building.

Decisions as well as forecasts of a construction project are implemented proactively and preventively for FM, resulting in massive cost savings and resulting efficiency gains.

Why waya by BIMsystems makes BIM for facility management even more successful?

The increasing complexity of buildings and the rising expectations of renters increase the pressure on facility managers and building operators. The future of construction planning is increasingly focusing on holistic approaches, flowing work processes and traceable access to all data and information of a digital building model. BIMsystems solutions build on this and are regarded as pioneers of digital transformation. waya enables a transparent, efficient and target-oriented provision of the entire BIM content, the networking of all interfaces and thus free export and import of BIM data. This minimises the loss of information and optimises the building performance sustainably over the entire life cycle. Every project participant has access to the digital model, in which all data and information is stored, throughout all life phases of a property. This not only facilitates communication between the parties involved. It also makes it possible to identify upcoming measures at an early stage.

The summarized goals of waya for facility managers

  • Product lists with manufacturer information

  • Integration from and into already existing systems possible

  • No data loss

  • Easy communication

  • Hurdle-free commissioning of the building

With BIMsystems' solution, facility management sustainably increases their efficiency, security and the appreciation of their work.


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