What advantages does BIM offer for...? This time for the general contractor

The responsibility for the entire construction of a building rests on the shoulders of a general contractor. He is the link between clients, architects and the subcontractors commissioned by him. The diverse areas of responsibility range from site installation, structural work, carpentry, electrical and heating installations to sanitary work.

At the same time, the ongoing digitalisation poses additional challenges. This is because traditional and manual construction planning is increasingly being replaced by Building Information Modeling (BIM). Anyone who evades the three-dimensional planning method BIM risks being pushed out of the market. The digitalization of construction allows processes to be controlled in a new way, significantly increasing productivity while reducing errors. BIM plays a relevant role here!

The future lies in BIM

BIM describes a software-based planning method for the construction and operation of buildings. All construction-relevant data (BIM content) is created virtually on a platform, linked with each other and maintained in a digital model. The clear advantage: During the entire life cycle of the building - from the start of planning, through construction, maintenance and deconstruction - all available project data can be accessed and quickly modified by all project participants. This not only accelerates planning and construction, but also enables joint and centralized data access, thus saving time and money. Unnecessary coordination steps are saved thanks to BIM!

One solution for all challenges of the general contractor

Efficient collaboration and communication are crucial to the success of any construction project. With the BIM planning method and the right BIM system as a software solution, it is possible for general contractors to identify problems at an early stage throughout the entire construction process of a building, to minimize risks and to analyze costs.

Solution-oriented and transparent project management becomes easy for all parties involved! Because open-BIM creates an open workflow between all project participants, regardless of the software used.

BIMsystems - the companion for a successful construction project

To provide the best solution for all parties involved during the entire planning phase and to simplify work processes, BIMsystem's unique BIM solution is based on a central database, waya.

The database-based solution offers a holistic technical infrastructure for efficient data management. The individual and general BIM content (digitized products) of various component manufacturers is networked and accessible to all. Thus, the data-based model of BIMsystems, in addition to the 3D representation of the building, provides relevant digital information and product data (BIM content) for all project participants right from the start, promotes loss-free networking and delivers address-specific information in the planning process - and this across the entire value-added chain of a property!

waya by BIMsystems, is an integral part! It is the technological heart of the CAD-system-wide networking and integrates BIM content directly into the BIM model. Thanks to waya, BIM projects can be called up centrally by several people at the same time. All those involved work and communicate directly with each other in the project.

Absolute highlight: General contractors are able to enter into partnerships and cooperations using the software solution from BIMsystems. Because through waya Individual, a selection of the desired manufacturers can be combined on the company's own BIM solution and thus a cross-company standard in planning, calculation, etc. can be achieved.

In summary, thanks to the intelligent waya tool, general contractors benefit from a transparent exchange of information, early recognition of risk factors, minimisation of problems and clear time and cost savings - and all this in real time!


Maria Müller

Senior Marketing Manager

Maria supports our team from outside. Whenever there is need, a woman is on hand. Maria has years of experience in marketing and with BIMsystems. Therefore she supports BIMsystems in an interdisciplinary way. Whether blog articles, press reports or infographics - Maria always supports BIMsystems.

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