What are the advantages of BIM for...? This time for project developer

Berlin Airport. Elbphilharmonie Hamburg. Stuttgart 21.

Three major projects, three cities, one problem: massive misplanning. Perhaps you also know this problem?

Costs have exploded, work has been duplicated or incorrectly coordinated. Due to the massive delays, parts of the building that had already been completed had to be reworked because, for example, the fire protection regulations had changed.

Outsiders are increasingly resentful, the competence of those involved is called into question and the opening is delayed further and further.

Project developers benefit from BIM

By using Building Information Modeling, many errors and delays can already be avoided during the planning of construction projects.

As part of the project conception, project developers deal with the feasibility study. In this study, various analyses are carried out to ensure the feasibility of the entire project.

As soon as the general feasibility has been determined, the entire construction process can be made much more effective by BIM. Thanks to various plugins, it is possible to access and process BIM data from common CAD systems. This makes the coordination of all project participants easier to handle.

The communication flow is also promoted by BIM. In the event of problems or suggestions for changes, it is easier to reach agreements both internally and externally on the basis of a jointly used system.

Since all employees access one system, this also prevents the loss or damage of information. No relevant data can disappear internally on servers thanks to the history function, role management and clear user interfaces. This makes changes and progress transparent and comprehensible for employees.

3D, 4D and 5D planning with BIM - project development with increased quality and reduced risks

In addition, BIM enables the project developer to precisely calculate and keep track of costs and resources. Since each individual component can be planned into our component management system, it is possible to create an exact cost calculation already in the planning phase. This not only makes it easier to monitor costs, but also to contain them.

Since errors can be detected and rectified early in the planning phase, delays in construction are avoided.

Optimizing information processes in the project

Another big advantage of BIM is the overview of the current status. This allows you to determine at an early stage if delays occur, for example, and to counteract them accordingly.

A conceivable scenario here would be that a manufacturer's product is no longer available. In this case, a message is sent directly to the waya and the user becomes aware of it.

Thus, the user has the possibility to either select another product or to contact the manufacturer directly in order to find a solution together.

Don't waste time with your documentary!

BIM not only helps to save time directly at the building, but also in all correspondence. The transparent documentation eliminates the previous work of updating and adding data.

However, BIM cannot only be used in the planning and construction process of a building. Throughout its life, maintenance, use and conversion can be organised on the existing model.

BIM conclusion for project developers

In summary, the advantages of BIM for project developers can be presented in this way:

  • Coordination with all project participants

  • No loss of information

  • More precise calculations

  • Overview of costs and budget

  • Strategic approach

  • Overview of the current status

Anyone who attaches importance to structure, transparency and efficiency in project development cannot ignore BIM.

Veronika Obermaier | Sales Assistant at BIMsystems


Veronika Obermaier

Sales Assistant

Veronika supports the team in consulting and coordination with customers. She advises new interested parties, sends out interesting information material and arranges appointments with other team members.

In addition, Veronika works together with Gregor directly on the man - she informs, explains and organizes. This makes Veronika and Gregor the perfect team for our new and existing customers.

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