What are the advantages of BIM for...? This time for the specialist planner

Detailed planning is the be-all and end-all

In many areas of a construction project, such as electrical planning, the importance of good planning and intensive communication for its success is repeatedly demonstrated. However, it is not only architects, manufacturers and project developers who benefit from the advantages; it is also clear in specialist planning that BIM is the technology of the future. Already obligatory in many countries, and also in Germany from an estimated construction cost volume of € 5 million, more and more companies are opting for BIM solutions. And for good reason, too.

The close cooperation between specialist planners and architects requires maximum coordination and control. Otherwise, the entire construction project could be risked in its implementation. The BIM solution from BIMsystems enables collaboration in real time, prevents loss of information between interfaces and promotes transparency within a project.

Significant performance improvements

For all parties involved, BIM offers not only a clear systematization of the planning process, but also for the entire building life cycle. This also makes life much easier for the specialist planner, as the information fed into the BIM is not lost and at the same time is always up to date.

BIM-enabled CAD systems are particularly well suited for visualization, as the plans can be superimposed and viewed by architects and specialist planners at the same time.

Promotes cooperation and clarity

BIM gives the specialist planner the advantage of being in constant interaction with the other parties involved in the construction project. In contrast to the conventional approach, working with BIM enables the joint processing of 3D models with the responsible architect and the other construction participants. Information is always up to date. Above all, there is no need for time-consuming transfer between different programs.

Of particular relevance for specialist planners is the fact that collision checks can already be carried out in all conventional CAD programs with the aid of BIM. This increases the overview enormously and prevents unplanned costs and delays that could arise elsewhere.

Automation and Simplification

Many calculations such as heating and cooling load determination can be automated or simplified using BIM. Calculations that previously had to be performed manually or laboriously using Excel tables are now recorded in BIM-enabled CAD systems, which saves time and minimizes errors. In our component management system "waya", detailed and individualized component lists can be created. This allows additional hidden costs often incurred after completion of planning to be contained, since all dimensions can be determined during planning, resources used can be counted and attributes configured.

In addition, architects and planners can compare at any time which concrete component manufacturers meet their requirements. Using the information and parameters entered into the system, it configures suitable manufacturer products.

A digital future through BIM

Although the transition from analogue to digital construction is slow, it is inevitable. Initial costs are clearly outweighed by the many lasting benefits. Only those who develop further can offer their customers attractive, competitive offers in the long run.

So far, the construction industry is still lagging behind, despite the clear advantages of digitalisation. However, they can become a pioneer of the technology that will change the construction industry forever. Through the automation of calculation processes, the simplified visualization of content and the increased cooperation of all parties involved, productivity can be permanently increased in all construction projects.

Use the innovative technologies of BIMsystems!


Jakob Guhl

Product Marketing Assistant at BIMsystems

Jakob supports in marketing and product management. He forms the interface between the two disciplines. Above all, he supports, coordinates and organises product development and user research. From this he helps to draw conclusions for product development and marketing.

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