Taking depth to another level: Project developers ensure a smooth project process. Coordinating the entire project, communication as well as agreements with all partners involved is part of your day-to-day work. This is where BIM comes to play.

The solution for project developers from BIM

For an upper hand and overview of BIM projects

Depending on the size and the project, entire departments are solely responsible for internal communication. That sounds like a great deal of management effort. Working in an efficient manner without any losses is what project developers are able to do with digital support.

Benefits of BIM for project developers

  • Coordination of all project partners

  • No information is lost

  • More precise calculations

  • Overview of costs and budget

  • Strategic procedure

  • Overview of current status

BIM solutions for project developers

Modular thinking - BIM doesn’t just help architects Project developers also benefit from the Building Information Modelling approach. The larger the project, the greater the costs, and the same applies to managing it.

This does not however have to result in exponential additional costs. BIM also offers a structural and organisational added value at a project level.

Thanks to BIM, agreements whether internal or external can made with greater ease. What’s more, schedule and communication management are also facilitated. Rather: It prevents information being lost.

The pathway to digital transformation for project developers

BIM also pays off for project developers: sustainability. Since the planning method enables a strategic procedure which goes beyond the construction.

Similarly to other partners in the process, planners also benefit from the efficient workflow, the simple data exchange, real-time access and high level of transparency. Such factors minimise the risk and at the same time increase the transparency and quality of the project and the overall planning.

BIM enables building planning to be designed beyond the construction phase, throughout the entire cycle of the building. Without incurring any additional costs, servicing, usage and conversion can be planned based on the existing model.

The aims of corma for project developers

  • Cost-effective working

  • Efficient project structure

  • Improved schedule and communication management

  • Parallel access to projects

  • Editing of several projects possible

  • Planning, agreements and determining decisions

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