Our true highlight: Test your BIM content across CAD systems.

We are aware of your concerns. You have BIM content but don’t yet know how this will be displayed in CAD systems? You don’t want to purchase various CAD licences in order to check BIM content? You need more flexibility, efficient cooperation and as a result high-quality BIM content.

We’ve got the solution - the testing tool from BIMsystems.

The testing tool from BIMsystems

Why is the testing tool so important to your BIM content?

To check all your BIM content in various CAD systems. That sounds like a mammoth task which is time-consuming and costly. But rest assured - together with BIMsystems.

With the testing tool, we help you to provide high-quality and error-free BIM content to your customers. In doing so, costs are kept to a minimum. As the testing tool develops automatic testing mechanisms and digitalised reports.

qelu ermöglicht Ihnen als Bauteilhersteller:

  • Automatisierte Datentests - vergleichen Sie die Inhalte Ihres BIM-Contents gegen Ihre Spezifikationen

  • Bereitstellung von Tests zur Qualitätssicherung der richtigen Visualisierung im CAD-System gemäß den Spezifikationen des BIM-Contents

  • Digitalisierte Auswertung und entsprechende Vorschläge - bei Bedarf zusätzliche Beratung im Support-Bereich von BIMsystems

  • Cloudbasierter Zugang zu den CAD-Systemen und Testing für Revit und ArchiCAD-Content

  • Analyse der Datenqualität von BIM-Content anderer Plattformen

CAD-independent testing of your BIM content

Together with you, we define requirements for your BIM content. The testing tool initiates manual and automated tests of your BIM content, triggered by the CAD system. In digital reports, you gain information as to which BIM content could be used in CAD systems without any errors - and which resulted in errors.

We are always by your side. We are available via our support area to retrieve error messages directly from the reports and via our personal consultation.

The testing of BIM content currently functions for the common CAD systems: Revit, ArchiCad and Allplan.

Aims of the testing tool

  • Cloud-based access to the testing tool from BIMsystems and CAD systems

  • Tailor testing to individual and preconceived requirements

  • Test BIM content at regular intervals in an automated manner

  • Manual tests, for example, can be initiated following BIM content creation

  • Cross-system content testing for Revit, Allplan and ArchiCAD

Any questions?

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qelu Basic

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Unterstützte CAD-Systeme: ArchiCAD und Revit

Upload von eigenem BIM-Content

Daten-Tests des BIM-Contents (Backend)

BIM-Content Viewer




qelu Advanced

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Unterstützte CAD-Systeme: ArchiCAD und Revit

Upload von eigenem BIM-Content

Daten-Tests des BIM-Contents (Backend)

BIM-Content Viewer

Repräsentationstest des BIM-Contents (Frontend)



qelu Pro

linya als Vorraussetzung

Unterstützte CAD-Systeme: ArchiCAD und Revit

Upload von eigenem BIM-Content

Daten-Tests des BIM-Contents (Backend)

BIM-Content Viewer

Repräsentationstest des BIM-Contents (Frontend)

Erstellung von Reports (PDF-Exporte) inkl. Versionskontrolle

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Key features of the testing tool

Automatic quality assurance of BIM content

We don’t let anything go live without your go-ahead. Automatic testing provides twice the assurance. This also guarantees the quality assurance of your BIM content.

Test your BIM content at individual intervals. Regardless of whether it occurs monthly, weekly or daily - you decide how often your BIM content is tested for potential errors.

The scope of the tests can also be individually scaled. You determine how much content should be regularly tested.

Maintain the high degree of quality of your BIM content.

CAD-independent quality assurance

BIM content testing functions independently of the CAD system. Consequently, you do not need to acquire a licence for each piece of CAD software to be able to conveniently test your BIM content. One-time access to our testing tool from BIMsystems is not sufficient.

Your bonus when it comes to the testing tool: The tests can be performed without your employees needing to have an in-depth knowledge of the individual CAD systems. They merely need to apply their knowledge of the product. And we’re sure they’ve got plenty of this.

You’ll benefit from fewer error sources in future.

Web-based reports with comment function

The reports can be called via the Internet in a straightforward manner. Thanks to the web-based evaluation of the BIM content testing, you can view the results at any time, from anywhere.

Moreover, there is also the option to comment on the results. Share with colleagues and process partners what changes you would like to see and suggestions for optimisation directly in the report. With the comment function, save valuable time when it comes to agreements.

Does the report not show any errors in the BIM content? Perfect! Just one click and it is approved. And the tested BIM content goes live.

All reports are recorded and stored. This helps you in the case of comparison tests and comparing several reports from different tests. You are continually optimising your BIM content - the results of which will be visible in no time at all.

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