Automated testing. Optimize quality. Error-free use.


Use your resources efficiently and save a lot of money and time! With qelu you do not need CAD licenses to test your BIM content for the different CAD systems.


We know your concerns. You have BIM content, but don't know how it will be displayed in the CAD systems? You do not want to purchase different CAD licenses to check the BIM content? You want more flexibility, efficient collaboration and as a result, high-quality BIM content.


qelu automatically tests self-created or third-party BIM content in seconds and shows you where you should optimize. In this way, you keep the quality of your BIM content high - and the effort for all parties involved low!

qelu | the testing tool of BIMsystems

Why is qelu so important for your BIM content?

Review all your BIM content in different CAD systems. This sounds like a mammoth task with high consumption of time and costs. But face it - together with BIMsystems.


With qelu we enable you to provide your customers with high-quality and error-free BIM content. Thereby your effort is reduced to a minimum. Because qelu as a testing tool is based on automatic checking mechanisms and digitalised reports.

qelu enables you as a component manufacturer: 

  • Automated data tests - compare the contents of your BIM content against your specifications


  • Provision of tests for quality assurance of the correct visualization in the CAD system according to the specifications of the BIM content


  • Digitalized evaluation and corresponding proposals - if required, additional consulting in the support area of BIMsystems


  • Cloud-based access to CAD systems and testing for Revit and ArchiCAD content


  • Analysis of the data quality of BIM content from other platforms

CAD independent testing of your BIM content thanks to qelu

Together with you, we define the requirements for your BIM content. qelu initiates manual and automated checks of your BIM content, detached from the CAD system. In digital reports you will receive information about which of your BIM content could be used error-free in the CAD systems - and which not.


We will not leave your side in the process. We are at your disposal via our support area, the error messages directly from the reporting and our personal advice.

Testing of the BIM content currently works for the current CAD systems Revit, ArchiCad and Allplan.

Key features of qelu

  • Cloudbased access to the testing tool qelu


  • Use predefined and individual tests

  • Testing on data quality, visualization and intelligence

  • Automated tests during the entire BIM content processing

  • Manually initiated tests as required

  • Cross-system quality assurance without CAD license and know-how

  • Support area for content optimization by BIMsystems

  • Data check of self- and externally created BIM content

Any questions?

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qelu Basic

No requirement

Supported CAD systems: ArchiCAD and Revit

Upload of own BIM content

BIM-Content Viewer

Data tests of the BIM content (backend)




qelu Advanced

linya as a precondition

Supported CAD systems: ArchiCAD and Revit

Upload of own BIM content

BIM-Content Viewer

Data tests of the BIM content (backend)

Representation test of the BIM content (frontend)



qelu Pro

linya as a precondition

Supported CAD systems: ArchiCAD and Revit

Upload of own BIM content

BIM-Content Viewer

Data tests of the BIM content (backend)

Representation test of the BIM content (frontend)

Creation of reports (PDF exports) including version control

For bundled information please request our product sheet here!

Test & optimize your BIM content in seconds!

Automatic quality assurance of BIM content

We won't let anything go live without your approval. Automated testing gives us double security. These additionally guarantee the quality assurance of your BIM content. Keep the quality of your BIM content high by testing it automatically during the editing process.


Test your BIM content at individual intervals. Whether once a month, once a week or per day. Test BIM content automatically in seconds without manual effort.


The scope of the tests is also individually scalable. You define the number of BIM content to be tested regularly. Fast data checks are therefore no longer a problem for analyzing the data quality of self-generated and third-party BIM content.

CAD-independent quality assurance

BIM content testing via qelu works independently of CAD systems. As a result, you do not have to purchase a license for every CAD software in order to manually test your BIM content. One access to our BIMsystems testing tool is sufficient! Invest once in the qelu license instead of several CAD licenses and save money.


Your bonus at qelu: The tests can be carried out without your employees having explicit know-how about the individual CAD systems. All you have to do is contribute your product knowledge. You certainly have plenty of that.


Rely on qelu and benefit from fewer sources of error in your offers, calculations and planning advice.

Web-based reports with comment function

qelu reports can be easily accessed via the Internet. Thanks to the web-based evaluation of the BIM content testing, you can view the results at any time and from anywhere.


There is also the possibility to comment on the results. Communicate change requests and optimization suggestions to colleagues and process participants directly in reporting. The comment function saves you valuable time in the coordination process.


Does the reporting not show errors in the BIM content? Perfect! With one click you give the approval. And put the checked BIM content live in waya.


All reports are recorded and filed. This helps you to perform comparative tests and compare several reports from different testings. You continuously optimize your BIM content - you see the success immediately.

Did you know?
The ideal complement to qelu: The maintenance environment linya for creating and managing your BIM content.

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