Digitize your product data sustainably. How? Create intelligent BIM content from your product information.

Thanks to smart automation processes in the creation process, BIMsystems can support you in the creation of your BIM content. Yes, you have read correctly. Thanks to BIMsystems, you will be able to create BIM content independently as required in the future.

You are no longer dependent on service providers - unless you want to outsource the service.

Create static BIM content easily

Static | BIM-Content Creation: Simply automated!

What is static BIM content?

Products which are available in clearly defined geometric dimensions (heights, widths, depths, etc.), but which are differentiated by a multitude of different variants, e.g. colour, material, functional properties. 
Products which are special components, which should not be geometrically changed by the user, because they were designed for certain requirements.

High quality for your static BIM content!

Geometry data is often available in the form of production data, which, however, represent too many details such as the inner workings of the products and other geometric details that from the point of view of BIM are irrelevant or should not be published.

The result of using geometric data that are not reduced in terms of geometry is not only the high level of detail but also the poor performance of the BIM content generated due to the amount of memory required.

At the moment, the above-mentioned circumstances mean that the reduction of geometric data is usually manual and therefore time-consuming and time-consuming. This results in high internal and external costs for individual BIM contents in various geometric details. With BIMsystems these hurdles are passè!

You only need three groups of information to create your static BIM content:

Product Information

geometry data

manufacturer information

You can already see it now: You already know this data!

Start now into the BIM-Content Creation!

Your static BIM Content in 3 steps

Step 1: Collect and record your product information

Your product information - article name, attributes, etc.  - are already available, be it as Excel spreadsheet, PDF or in the PIM system. Depending on the information source, you can easily upload your table into the BIMsystem tool. You also always have the possibility to enter your product information via template.

You can also upload existing geometry data as STEP, STL, DWG or SAT files. After we have received your data, you will receive a non-binding offer from us.

As soon as you place an order, you can upload your manufacturer logo, product pictures and other attachments, such as operating instructions, videos, etc..

This gives us all the data we need to create your static BIM content and we can start processing.

Step 2: Together we define attributes and geometry reduction

Your data is collected by BIMsystems. Their scope and level of detail are now still too complex for further processing in the CAD systems.

That's why we work with you to define three geometric levels of detail for your subsequent BIM content in order to ensure optimal performance of your digitized products in the planning software.

The product information is prepared for the CAD formats you select and reduced in geometry for the CAD systems.

The result is your static BiM content! But we are not finished yet...

Step 3: Test, sift and release your final BIM content

Quality is a top priority at BIMsystems! That's why automated testing puts your rigid BIM content through its paces. In concrete terms, this means that your digitized products are used in numerous CAD scenarios and tested for their applicability. This ensures your high standards for your BIM content.

You will then see your rigid BIM content in the preview view in waya. This preview helps you to ensure that your BIM content actually meets your requirements.

You also have the option of exporting your BIM content as standalone content after testing in order to publish it on external publishing portals such as BIM libraries.

Are you satisfied with your result? Then your last action follows: You release your BIM content.

Happy birthday! From now on, planners can access your static BIM content via waya.


Your advantages of static BIM-Content Creation

  • Automate processes for time savings

  • Simple acquisition of product information without special know-how

  • High quality of your BIM content thanks to automatic testing

  • Autonomous approval processes for high transparency

  • Export of BIM content for external publishing platforms

  • High-quality BIM content in waya for planners

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