Virtually everything that is electrically operated falls within your remit. This can amount to a lot. During the construction or even the management of a building, it is your task to maintain and optimise the technical building equipment. We can help you with both: BIM.

Technical building service planners drive efficiency with BIM

Thinking one step ahead - with BIMsystems

The digital support not only facilitates your work - if sensibly planned and implemented, it can protect valuable resources at all ends.

Benefits of BIM for technical building service planners

  • Central availability of data

  • Scheduling of regular maintenance intervals

  • Clear data lists

  • Stored manufacturer information

  • Information always up-to-date

  • Intelligent networking with internal systems

BIM solutions for technical building service planners

Regardless of which cycle phase you are responsible for in a building: BIM supports you. The planning method can be used for new builds in a profitable manner as well as for management tasks.

Thanks to BIM, you can join your various partial areas into a coherent system. In this way, BIM simplifies calculations and forecasts for you. New opportunities also arise from areas used in relation to each other.

BIM also simplifies the intensive cooperation with other project partners. Particularly during the planning phase of a new build, the responsible architect is in continual contact with you. With BIM, you both have access to the building model, can plan the technical equipment directly and are always kept up-to-date. Since data can also be exchanged in real time.

Technical and digital: Two attributes for the future

They are the human control centre of a building. Gain digital help for this purpose. The complexity of the technical maintenance of a building depends on its size. Or its use. Highly technical buildings also need a modern method for maintaining them.

With corma by BIMsystems, we put this tool in your hand. Here, all key facts are centrally available in a database. As our database is web-based, you can conveniently access data from anywhere, for example, during a tour from your tablet.


Thanks to specific product information and clear data tables, you no longer need to worry about quantity, as our quality takes care of this.

The aims of corma for technical building service planners

  • Intensive exchange with architects without loss of information

  • Parallel viewing of the building model

  • Centrally managed database with all information

  • Overview of all part areas

  • Simplified agreement of tradesmen

  • Simplified monitoring and optimisation

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