BIMsystems at Think Tank 2019

BIM for manufacturers - the digitisation of construction: This is the topic of THINK TANK in May 2019.

The BIM planning method is the future. It should revolutionise the planning of complex building projects. At the convention, gain an insight into BIM and specific areas of activity. You’ll take away new information, ideas and a selection of potential tools for your company. Kick off your digital transformation.

Gregor Müller shows you how in his presentation.

All the details on Think Tank 2019 at a glance

THINK TANK object - BIM for manufacturers

Date: 22nd May 2019

Location: Darmstadt, Germany

Time: 10 am - 5 pm

Cost: € 575.00 per person plus VAT

The Think Tank is aimed at managerial staff, technical offices, designers, BIM consultants on the manufacturer side as well as successful BIM managers and architectural consultants.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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THINK TANK object | Future-proof with BIM content

This event is aimed at providers in the construction, interior fittings and furnishing sector. Component manufacturers, construction chemistry and construction material suppliers, as well as system and module builders will benefit in particular from Think Tank in May.

General questions will be answered:

  • So what is BIM?

  • What will change with BIM?

  • How is BIM spread across Germany?

  • What does this development mean for the building materials and furnishing sector?

  • How do I adapt as a manufacturer to the topic?

  • Which tools do planners expect in future from providers?

  • Which platforms are used for BIM objects?

Gregor Müller will go into detail during his presentation. His presentation covers the requirements and needs of manufacturers, in particular: “Digital transformation with disruptive BIM technology” BIM-capable product configuration, intelligent content creation and real-time collaboration”.

BIMsystems GmbH creates user-oriented BIM content from components and products with an information depth which has not been seen before. Planners can be offered these to download via their own channels. As such, component manufacturers can contact their customers in a flexible, direct and completely individual manner. Additional advantage: Your BIM content can also be provided on other platforms for publication.

Via the component management system (BMS), the various BIM content develops its intelligence and high level of performance to its full potential. The entire BIM model is user-friendly between the project partners and can be exchanged according to OPEN BIM in realtime. It can be enhanced with information throughout the planning progress and passed on to project partners. “OPEN-BIM” is possible - without the need of IFC.

Additionally, the BIM content is integrated into a logistics and control system. This offers previously unused functions - for example, the digitisation of the specialist knowledge of your employees and colleagues. This significantly increases the added value of BIM content for users.

The component management system is....

  • A linchpin in the digital transformation

  • Integral part of the BIM planning method

  • The technological core of CAD cross-system networking through to the central data model

  • BIM-capable configurator for products, systems and modules


selected devices (max.)




day packed full of information

Gregor Müller is presenting our disruptive technology at Think Tank 2019

In addition to the story of the development and success of our company, another topic is the focus of his presentation. Following the common thread of the trade fair, Gregor Müller, presents the content and most of all visions of BIMsystems - where we see innovations and sustainable changes in the construction and property sector.

Content of the Think Tank presentation: "Digital transformation with disruptive BIM technology. BIM-capable product configuration, intelligent content creation and real-time collaboration"

  • Innovation is already a reality

  • How exactly do our products function

  • How do we differ from the competition

  • What advantages do our partners have (manufacturers, planners, architects)

  • Where do we see the sector in future

  • How do we implement these visions