In actual fact, BIM has been used since the 1980s. In practice, the planning method has not reached its full potential - until now. BIM stands for Building Information Modelling and is guiding the construction sector into a digitalised future and opens up completely new potential.

The future is BIM

Using BIM - in our waya

The corma technology by BIMsystems offers the software solution, in which you can benefit from the BIM planning method as well as our innovative approach. As our corma technology is unique across the world.

The strengths of BIM

Let’s talk in terms of points:

  • Fast adjustment of existing planning

  • Improvement to data & planning quality

  • Improved coordination and optimisation of working processes

  • Faster project completion

  • Reduction in error sources

  • Increased productivity

  • Assurance of cost certainty

  • New product-based services

  • Improved & direct contact with decision makers for faster decision-making processes

  • Transparent representation & comparability of product USPs

Building Information Modelling - the route to digital transformation

BIM definition

What is BIM, what distinguishes it from other products and what do users think of it? Find out the answers here.

CAD providers

There are already providers of effective BIM-capable CAD solutions. However the plugin for our BMS opens up numerous opportunities for you.

BIM-capable CAD software

CAD systems vary in terms of the depth of the possible information dimension. The BMS can be adjusted to this.

Xperience BIM – join in our testing day

Your feedback on our products is important to us. With this in mind, we have set up our test days within the scope of Xperience BIM. Come and join us.

Do you need any advice?

Do you have questions relating to BIM and our component management system? Do you long for digitalised processes and successful projects?

The need for BIM

In each area of our lives we rely on digital support. Software is available for all areas: Orientation, structure, communication. We reap the benefits of this, it decreases our work or makes things easier for us.

A rethink is also taking place in the construction sector. Leaving the drawing board and time-consuming meetings behind, through to central data availability and digital project plans.

BIM offers the option of making an entire sector ready for the future. Let us show you how you can benefit from this.

Solutions from BIMsystems

About BIMsystems

Building Information Modelling is the future-oriented planning method for the construction sector - which will make lasting changes to it. We are an innovative pioneer of this planning process with our globally unique corma technology. Together with manufacturers and users, we are working on a digital and efficient future.

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