Your feedback on our products is important to us. With this in mind, we have set up our test days within the scope of Xperience BIM.

Our UX/UI designer Eliana Corredor collects the feedback from users once a week from the usability tests of our prototypes.

Xperience BIM – join in our testing day

View our solutions for tomorrow with Xperience BIM.

We are continually optimising our products for you. We need you on board for your ideal solution. Show us what is important to you and we will extend our products and their features in line with your feedback.

Simple and with minimal effort involved. We will contact you about once a quarter. In a web meeting you’ll see one of our upcoming products. Test this new product within 30 minutes. And share your thoughts on it with us. There is no right or wrong.

You are not just helping to improve our products. You are playing an important role in forming your perfect solution.

Register now for Xperience BIM.

What’s needed? It’s minimal.

An Internet-capable computer

Headset with microphone or phone

30 minutes of your time

Xperience BIM: Shaping your ideal product together with you

By participating in Xperience BIM, you will be supporting us in improving our products, such as the component management system (BMS). As our goal is the continual optimisation and a solution which is tailored to your precise needs.

How does it work?

  • On a regular basis (approx. once per quarter), we will send participants of Xperience BIM invitations to test our prototypes.

  • In the invitation, you will be able to select a suitable date. Once the date is confirmed, you will receive a link to the web meeting.

  • Each participant of the test day will perform an approx. 30 minute online usability test together with us.

Interested? Take part in the test to form tomorrow’s working day now.

Regarding the registration for Xperience BIM

We assure you that these tests are only used to optimise our solutions. No data will be shared with third parties.

Thank you for registering. You will hear from us soon.

Eliana Corredor: UX/UI-Designerin von BIMsystems

Our UX/UI designer Eliana Corredor

Have you ever wondered what a designer for user experience and user interface actually does? Let us introduce Eliana: Our UX/UI designer works for an improved BMS - in close relation to your needs.

Eliana Corredor is a UX/UI designer at BIMsystems. Put simply, she makes the component management system intuitive to use and provides the software solution with an attractive design. In order to do so, she works in close cooperation with our customers. She performs user research tests. Along with customers and partners, she develops new concepts in workshops. As a result, Eliana adopts approaches for new functions and applications in the BMS. In wireframes Eliana sketches the individual steps, which the planners can and should perform in the BMS - to reach the target as quickly as possible.


Hurdles, errors and other cumbersome click paths are immediately identified and removed. Together with the development team, she is designing approaches in functioning solutions - which are being extensively tested again. Eliana is committed to finding the ideal user navigation in BMS.